Sunday, August 8, 2010

Take Action!

Commentary for Karate Kid

"Hello, I'm Ralph Machio."

"Hi, this is Pat Morita."

"We're here to do the commentary for the Karate Kid trilogy."

"OK, here's the opening."

"Dude, look at that. Remember that?"


(Two hour pause)

"Well, thank you for joining us."

"Thank you."

Commentary for The Transformer Movie

"Hello, humanoids. It is I, Optimus Prime. I will be doing the commentary for The Transformers movie. K, here's the credits. All these people will die under Decepticon wrath in the year 1999. Oh, there's my pal Bumblebee. He's a Volkswagen that turns into a robot. K, here's the token humanoids put into the film so humanoids can relate. K, there's me. God, I'm incredible. K, here's that one part when – wait, I must turn into a big rig in order to crush Starscreams plan to bomb New York! No, this is not part of the movie. I have to go." (transforming noises)

Commentary for Deep Throat

"Hi, this is Harry Reems. I would like to invite you to watch something I call Deep Throat with me. OK, here's the credits. OK, in this scene I get amazing head from....god, that really is amazing, look at those tits......ohhhhhhhhhgod!"

Commentary for this Blog

"Hi, I'm Matt Eckert. I'm the creator of Levi Larrington and I'll be spending the next five minutes with you. K, below this entry are more entries. This entry could have been a lot better, but my heart really isn't into this today. Below the other entries are archives of stuff that is probably better. I'm not sure. You be the judge. There's December which is packed full of golden oldies from 2001 to present. Then, there's the live stuff from January that details how I get drunk and make out with random women. Then, there's February, which is kinda slow and boring. March should bring about some funny stories I get drunk. Uh, there should be a profile around here somewhere. There it is. OK, in there you'll learn that I didn't know you had to use commas, and that I can't post anything in there anymore cuz it gives me errors. Um...well, that's all for now."

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