Saturday, May 25, 2013

I ride in my blue car
I got a Mexican girl
(Almost like the song)
My apartment has its
Gotta refrigerator full
Of bottled ignorance
If I could be like you
You'd really have a friend
All I need from you
Is the new cool thing, all right
I ride in my blue car
If there was a fight
Then I have a scar
I fucked a woman
I've fucked women
Let me tell the names
Don't believe in blame
But I've got cool friends
If I could be like you
I'd have a friend
It's the nineties
So I took my blue car to the end
Thought it'd be cool
Thought I'd be you
Had a word in mind
Saw the fad so I
Had to pause
Suicide and flannel wear
Took it for myself
Lost myself
Now I won my own
Two cents
Cherry for blue
Lipstick bought my
We sit together
Talking Nirvana this
Pearl Jam that
We don't really like
The music
But a fad's a fad
If it's suicide
I'll take a bottle of tums
Get my friends to think
I'm grunge-girl to the end
I wrote a poem
and painted pictures
Just say you like them
Cause I dont' know just what they are

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