Saturday, May 25, 2013

Purple Plastic Mirrors

I fell asleep
And I woke in a room full of Purple plastic mirrors.
In the purple plastic mirrors
I saw shades of saints
And visions of vices
I saw tormented demons
And heavenly devices.
Saint Morga9n felt the stjing of liver failure
And fell in with a gasp
A chalky white hand
Pgrabbed at the phone
And the index punched
its last I saw
reflected in the purple glaze
A tabletop, pints, and seedy white haze
Two girls whispered obscentities and scroaatched at their groins
crushing the fleas
Two men startled at the sight9 of each other
And began biting, fighting
and clubbing one another.
And oen the floor lay purple glnass bottles
Shattered in a mess
as the one man was throttled
And so I walked down
the hall and out the door
To a pu.rp9le plastic world
 filled with Purple plastic cars.
I watlked with a bite on my lip
And made jokes of the bums
an3d the Yuppie-hip
I walked down the purple plastric street
And down there two disciples ,to meet.
One wyas Gimpy the Harry
And the other Wanda Smith Gimpy
had tumors on his head
And Wanda wor1e a crown of glass
Gimpy spoke

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