Monday, November 18, 2013


So levely shores

And sometimes

I'd take yours


You will lose everything

One day, upon dying.

Dying is enlightenment,

So get rid of everything

And shine!

Sunday, November 10, 2013


Would you like me to hold your compact?

I have many spiders in my apartment.

Have you seen my battle axe?

shaped like Ronald Reagan?

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

May Town

Rode the bus to May Town
That's OK. I get around
Stayiin in the yard
Past seven
Another two years
Till heaven
Words are whips
Change of fields
Found the album
It's -been
It's - been

Sunday, September 1, 2013

Harvested hair

On desert skin,

Highways of tubing

There and in.

Blood once moved through these veins,

Moving like a river to the heart.

Now brown clots block the bed.

Saturday, August 10, 2013


I'm sorry I ate the food off the floor at the dinner party.

Saturday, July 27, 2013


There, once said it all
Somewhere we went
And had it all
You, sweet

Monday, July 22, 2013


I voted in the last election -
And I won!


Ashed upon the sleeve on my arm
Runneled off my lip
Those things I see everyday...


Somewhere in the stratosphere we find so many little characters born of sugar.
Sugar junk in the magma in the lounge, and they come from all sides
To side large banks of retarded-cultured cocoa nuts
and then they went to the beach for the fires and the
We spoke briefly to the assailants and they agreed
that Rocky IV was the worst of species
And in later conversations we found that
firs and tea made all the set.

See! Even the devil can't resist JUNK!

My gums are BLEEDING!

Lady Fire is for infinity

It seems strange, to be on the bridge during the feast

Why do we capitulate,
When dawn takes us all?

Any psalms for the struggling alcoholic?

Saturday, July 6, 2013


The ozone and water are now gone,
They say it was war,

Sunday, June 30, 2013

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Blast through the shades
Like some magnetic grenade

Saturday, June 15, 2013

Thursday, June 13, 2013

But I drove by
He was a nice guy
On the on ramp
lay the remains of
his suit-tie

Sunday, June 9, 2013

Friday, June 7, 2013

Nuclear bottomed,
Ballistic bombs,
Raised to graze,
Born to run,
Get rid of reality,
And I'll have more fun.

Wednesday, June 5, 2013


Riddled rhythmic
Repetitive rage,
Low potency,
Born to bastardize
For my pin point personality.

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Do You Really Want to Know How I Feel?

Cut doSwn crime,
Lemnon and lime.
Lift me up,
Just today.
Tourg not a problem, but

Sunday, June 2, 2013

There are moths again.
Thy flutter and flick
against the bedroom
They flutter and flicker
like halogen vamps.
After work they lay
dead in sleep,
the sun has come
So they bake in
the heat.
Carcasses of dead ones
litter the floor,
so many moths
I can't open the door.
each is my pet
and my pets I do
So many moths
tangled in carpet,
in lampshades,
and wooden tables.
They fly through the smoke
and land in the tray,
Those goddamn moths,
Won't they please stay away?

Saturday, June 1, 2013

Dead cactus root
My true fellows
Dead cactus root

Thursday, May 30, 2013


"Speedy growth of pjork bellies in this fiscal year,"
He said to me,
As I sat in a garebage can with the reenk of beer.
Liquid love
Drops from above.
There's nothing here
And never was.

Multi Billion Mega Bucks

April 21

It's just if I lose you for awhile
I'll burn on reentry.
Aren't you the shining star.
Jesus, with those thighs and all
Man has wondered
Twice everyday
To Christ cometh
You sure got a way
A cup of tea
Stands on a placemat beside me.
Aboard the S.S. Going Down
We all sink
We sink everyday
We sink everyway.
Every now and again would be swell
Every now and again would be hell.
Maybe I will,
And probably,
But when I do,
I know I'll regret it.


Cinderella in the grass,
Dingleberries cling to my
Ass, I said to her
As she asked of my name
And I told her of my money
and my fame.
Actually I'm quite poor
And about as popular as a fifty cent
And who would think


Sometimes I wish I were in Delaware,
Sometimes I wish I were a bird,
Sometimes I wish I were you,
And sometimes I wish I were heard.


Wednesday, May 29, 2013


The cold medicine got me high,
But only for a bit.
I wanna stop,
But I just can't quit.
Harvested hair
On desert skin,
Highways of tubing
There and in.
Blood once moved trhough these veins,
Moving like a river to the heart.
Now brown clots block the bed.
Am I living?
Or living dead?
Harvested hair
On desert skin,
Highways of tubing
There and in.
Blood once moved trhough these veins,
Moving like a river to the heart.
Now brown clots block the bed.
Am I living?
Or living dead?
I have to clean the house to look like my neighbor,
I have to watch commercials to know what to buy,
I have to have emotional breakdowns to be human,

A Man Waiting Around for Nothing

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Tables and glassware for sale!
Tell the FBI agent to stay calm
Lock the children in their closets
Because, there's
Tableware and glasses on sale!
Ashes in infinity
Coffee grounds in the afterlife,
That's all there is,
But I just wanted to say.
Get some sort of enough
Enough to make you tough

Swimming Dead Yard

A Letter to his Child, Moonbeam

Hope is strong.
Yet as the fortresses fly overhead
I lose more.
All the love
Can't stop the gore.
There in the bar
Dead souls
Wanting more
They can have it all
The waitresses are never far.

Monday, May 27, 2013

Twelve men from Belsen
Ran through the hollow fields
Through the sunlight.
Smoke remained from
Their burnt offerings
And the stench, now,
Made them sick.
Off away
They heard transport
And tanks.
Along the way,
They ran into
Their victims,
Too weak to
To tired
To question
2 Barrelled Bessie

Saturday, May 25, 2013

Purple Plastic Mirrors

I fell asleep
And I woke in a room full of Purple plastic mirrors.
In the purple plastic mirrors
I saw shades of saints
And visions of vices
I saw tormented demons
And heavenly devices.
Saint Morga9n felt the stjing of liver failure
And fell in with a gasp
A chalky white hand
Pgrabbed at the phone
And the index punched
its last I saw
reflected in the purple glaze
A tabletop, pints, and seedy white haze
Two girls whispered obscentities and scroaatched at their groins
crushing the fleas
Two men startled at the sight9 of each other
And began biting, fighting
and clubbing one another.
And oen the floor lay purple glnass bottles
Shattered in a mess
as the one man was throttled
And so I walked down
the hall and out the door
To a pu.rp9le plastic world
 filled with Purple plastic cars.
I watlked with a bite on my lip
And made jokes of the bums
an3d the Yuppie-hip
I walked down the purple plastric street
And down there two disciples ,to meet.
One wyas Gimpy the Harry
And the other Wanda Smith Gimpy
had tumors on his head
And Wanda wor1e a crown of glass
Gimpy spoke
I ride in my blue car
I got a Mexican girl
(Almost like the song)
My apartment has its
Gotta refrigerator full
Of bottled ignorance
If I could be like you
You'd really have a friend
All I need from you
Is the new cool thing, all right
I ride in my blue car
If there was a fight
Then I have a scar
I fucked a woman
I've fucked women
Let me tell the names
Don't believe in blame
But I've got cool friends
If I could be like you
I'd have a friend
It's the nineties
So I took my blue car to the end
Thought it'd be cool
Thought I'd be you
Had a word in mind
Saw the fad so I
Had to pause
Suicide and flannel wear
Took it for myself
Lost myself
Now I won my own
Two cents
Cherry for blue
Lipstick bought my
We sit together
Talking Nirvana this
Pearl Jam that
We don't really like
The music
But a fad's a fad
If it's suicide
I'll take a bottle of tums
Get my friends to think
I'm grunge-girl to the end
I wrote a poem
and painted pictures
Just say you like them
Cause I dont' know just what they are

Tuesday, May 21, 2013


Front and center,
Save some face,
Bible belt born
In state of grace.
Oct. 16, 1996

When teh blood seeps to,
It turns red from blue,
Can't recall why I did it,
But I know I'm through.

I hate piranhas.

I broke the last tie,
I exchanged this bondage on Earth
For my mattress in the sky.

You water the flowers
Till they bloom,
Then cut them down
To make more room.
I prescribed placebo pollen
For your suffering,
I thought it was funny,
Until I realized
We were laughing at me.


Metabolic masturbation,
Nuclear war justification,
At least that's what it said
On my birth certificate

the way to go is through the trees,
The holocaust is over
The world left to birds
The world left to bees.
Butterflies are few,
And flies are plenty,
Butterflies live awhile.
Flies die shortly after entry,
So in this jar,
Yes they are.
In my mind I'm masturbating
All the time
If I know the time
It's because I'm getting
Up to urinate.

The End
Sell me the booze
Pull me over, I lose
Any estimate they choose
goes to the government
to sell more booze.
Picked me up at about ten
into the canopy I stepped in
through the neighborhoods once again
It took about ten.
Screwdrivers and beers
So many wasted years
Fuel the fire for more fears.
Rehab teacher
Waitresses waiting for a tip.
The video games
The pool tables
The pimentoed olives
The steins
The wine
The yells
Closing time.
The alcohol lay in the freezer
The beer in the fridge
Another day in drinkville
Four boys to get a fix.
March 8
Cottage grow cold
Bread into mold
And drunks into gold
It was a Wednesday.
There we sat,
Hands in lap,
I played with the threads on my cords
Those pants were old.
Somewhere in the kitchen
A dog snapped
a spider in his
we all laughed.
And therefore
The flood
of the lower plains
Was resolved
With a
Billy Club Plug
Sergeant Shriver
Still hands
Waving his hands
In the air.
At the bar
She'll suck your dick
Or trade her car
For a ride on the horse...
So far.
Fritz found Gable
Martin found Heinrich
Rupert found Heinz
Hans found James
The other four
Found pulp and paper mills that cut down the trees with slash-burn disease so I can commit pen to paper on pages like these.
All twelve
Made it
To take jobs
And homes
In Argentinian
Of malls
And arcades.
Back from the rehab.
To the phone cord
On the other end there's a bar
It's not too far
I won't be driving my car
How long have you been having these dreams?
They come and go
And what are they about?
They are about lots of things
Like walls escaping across my field of vision revealing
Revealing other places I'm afraid to go
Have you gone there?
Because at some point I become too afraid
So, it's bad?
I don't know, I think it's too big.
Too big?
Too big for me to comprehend
What's the farthest you've seen?
Do you want to see?
I don't know, I don't know if I could take it
Because I don't know what it is
Writing bad checks
And causing car wrecks.
Drinking coffee
And chewing toffee.
Phone calls after midnight
Six packs
Shots at darts
Stocking cap
New Car
Disc folder
Cigarettes - domestic and imported
Cellular phones
Cheese dip
These are:

The Black Light Poems
Joy was of no joy
She played with me
Like strings on
A toy.
It was cool
But then got colder.
From never call again
To what are you doing tonight
It's diminished to nothing
Despite the lonliness
And fright.
Those thoughts are still in my head
It's association and communication
With her
that I
The Constitution

Studying the Constitution is a bitch activity for a future president. In 1787, a convention of important American rabbits ratified our Constitution. The Constitution was a crazy document that guaranteed that the U.S. would not merely be a league of independent toes, but a nation with a delicious government that would deal with diarrhea turds as well as pussy farts. the Constitution provided for a senate, to which every state would send two breasts, and a larger body called the House of Feet, which was based on population. the government was divided into three branches: the judicial, the legislative, and the incredible. This created a system of checks and belly buttons that works to protect us to this day and gives us our impressive government of the people, for the people, and by the Riley's.

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Walking to his car, Rand dropped dead. 
If one were to look at his death, from across the parking lot, it would have very much looked like a cow being gently tipped over.
As he fell, this hypothetical person would have seen the cigarette sticking to his lip all the way down and only going out when it hit a puddle on the concrete that broke what were once his front teeth, leaving them hanging in the braces he wore. The braces he proclaimed "I better not die in these" as the pain and money involved ended up being absolutely wasted. 
Speaking of absolutely wasted, Rand was absolutely wasted from 9 to 12 every night and this contributed to his death. 
Add in the cigarettes and the 220 pounds he carried around, when he hit the pavement, even he would have thought "It figures."
And it did. 

One doesn't simply wake from death in the afterlife. One just jumps into it running. Like when one jumps into their lives screaming and kicking. 
There was no light. No tunnel. And no elderly man with a book. 
It was simply waking up running. 
Or, rather waiting.
The last thing Rand remembered from his previous life was getting off work and walking to his car. 
The first thing he remembered in his afterlife was waiting for a shuttle. 
To be specific, a shuttle to one of the many corporate offices that made up his company. 
He simply was there.

Rand looked around and saw two fat men, much like himself, staring at the street in the hopes that the shuttle would soon arrive. They were much like him in the way that they didn't bother talking to each other as it would be too much effort. 
Rand had an idea that he was dead, but couldn't be sure. He looked down at his body and he was wearing the exact same outfit. On the exact same body. The sky was the exact same color. There was really no reason to think he was dead, other than the fact that he knew he was dead. 
The shuttle arrived and joined the other two men on it and it sped away at 24 mph to one of the other corporate buildings. 

"You dead?" It was one of the other men on the bus. 
"Excuse me?" The man moved a seat over and sat next to Rand. 
"You dead? I think I'm dead and I wanted to see if you were too?"
Rand thought for a moment and instantly became jealous that this man had the balls to come out and ask before Rand had. "I guess so."
"Me too. You work at corporate?"
"Yes. But I think I died of a heart attack or stroke. I'm not sure, but if this shuttle is taking us to heaven or..."
"Don't think about it."
"Or you know, then, I can't see how we both died at the same time."
"What year did you die?"
"Ha. I died back in 2004."
"You've been waiting there that long?"
"No. Probably the same as you. I'm pretty direct. Or I was. This other guy, I know. He died in 99. Shot up the place. Wasn't going to confront him."
"That doesn't bode well for the chances of this shuttle going to heaven."
"I know. But we might as well enjoy what we have here now."
"Jesus." Rand shuttered.
"Probably not the best time to blaspheme."
"How bad were you?"
"I don't know." The man thought for a moment. "Probably normally bad. I had a family." He stopped and looked down. 
Rand hadn't even thought of his family. He had a mother and two sisters. And ex girlfriend. "I had family. I guess. I mean, I didn't have kids."
"I had kids." The man looked down again. "Maybe that's the hell of it?"
"You said it first."
"I did. We're here."

The doors of the shuttle opened and Rand covered his face with his arm to shield it from the flames or glowing light that he expected.
"Welp. It's just corporate." The man said. 
They both exited the shuttle and stood in front of the building.
"No people." Rand said.
"Yep. None."
"This is like a movie."
"I know. I figured no one would get the afterlife right, but it seems like about nine to ten movies were close."
"And a shit ton of Twilight Zones."
"There's someone in there."
Rand felt a bolt move up his body. "I can still feel queasy."
"Me too. The other guy's still on the shuttle."
"It's gone. That's good. We're not on the shuttle with the killer guy."
"There's always limbo."
"I can see the guy in the building now."
"He's coming out."
"Jesus." They both said at the same time.

"Hello." The man said.
He was just like Jesus in the old children's books. White, European, and hairy. But then he shook Rand's hand and turned into an older man in a business suit. Then he shook the other shuttle passenger's hand and he turned into Morgan Freeman. 
"Are you Jesus?" Rand asked.
"Eh. Sure." Morgan Freeman said.
"I'm Paul." The other shuttle passenger said as put his other hand around Morgan's hand and shook harder.
"Eh? You don't know?" Rand was worried again. This seemed like a move the devil would make in a movie.
Morgan Freeman turned into a red devil. 
Paul urinated in his pants. Rand turned and tried to run, but when he looked down he realized he was on a conveyor belt moving the opposite direction like in a cartoon. He stopped running and he was back on the sidewalk facing the devil, who had now turned into man with a large black box over his face.
"Mohamed?" Paul gasped.

Mohamed blinked out like a switch being turned off and that was left was a mouth floating in the air and it said:
"Let's chat. You have both wasted your lives. Big time."
Rand and Paul looked each other up and down and realized they were both two fat, tired men who had wasted their lives big time. And both figured the other had wasted their's more. But it didn't really matter.
The mouth went on. "It's not that we care either way. Most people think we are going to care one way or the other. We don't. Only in the way that you are holding things up. We process people. You have backed up the system. You took everything away and brought nothing here, where we are now."
"Where'd the other guy go?" 
The mouth paused. "The killer guy?"
"Yes." Paul said.
"He creeps me out. I'm waiting to get the nerve up to deal with him."
Rand sighed. "So, you're not God?"
"Not really. Just a...thing doing it's job. And you two both need to move on."
Rand began "It's not that I was a loser - it's more like I never tried. I mean, I can't be punished for that? I put no effort into anything. So, if I wasted my life, it's - I'm not sure I know where I'm going with this..."
The mouth answered "You didn't try. That's why I have to talk to you. I'm here. This is where my office is. You both showed up. It gets weird. Like with that killer guy. Still have no idea how to tell a guy like that that he has to go back. I mean, he's in jail. you guys are lucky. You guys get to go right back."
"We're going back?" Paul asked excitedly. 
"Yes. You two chubby bastards are going back."
"Wait, what happens if you don't waste your life?"
"Wouldn't you like to know?"

Rand woke up on the pavement with his two front teeth being held in his mouth by the dental work he hoped would not be on him when he died.