Saturday, February 6, 2010

Back at the Sevi


Blitzkreig is me. I'm at a friend's house and I'll warn you I"m not going to be using spellcheck.

My buddies are watching the NFL draft. For those of you outside of the States, this is the equivilant of watching cheese mold.

Thanks to all of your support Netflix has been shut down and burned to the ground by rabid Larrington fans. It's really a shame, I hear nine died in the flames.


Apparently I'm having my apartment inspected on Monday. I have no idea why? I'm thinking about fighting it. Sure, they own the building, but the idea of someone going through my apartment is up there with Hitler sending jackboots or Churchill sending legionaires.

My apartment is that important.

Which reminds me: Churchill was a degenerate cretin and there's no reason anyone should ever take History's bullshit on the man.

You think Saddam was bad? Well, Churchill came close. Look it up, the guy wanted to gas Indians. And remember, this was before they had "pleasant death gas."

My neighvors all were partying out on the porch last night and I had this feeling like I was a social leper. I thought about saying "Hi" but didn't feel like being rejected at my own home.

Netflix even blows harder now that I popped Leviathan in my DVD and found that it wouldn't play passed twelve minutes. I'm glad we returned them to the Earth. They weren't playing well with the consumers.

My little sister is having a nervous breakdown. Which, with our genes is pretty normal. But, I didn't appreciate the "I HOPE YOU FEEL GUILTY" call.

Nine Inch Nails still kicks more ass than anything in the world, barring Hotpockets. Do yourself a solid and purchase the wonderful album "With Teeth" come May 3rd.

Anyone living in Seattle is encouraged to join us at The Great Nabob on Monday night, before the release on Tuesday, to drink and listen to the album after we purchase it at Tower at midnight.

VERY SAD NEWS: I just overheard "Coming Down the Mountain" by Jane's Addiction on a Coors commercial. Not only has Perry, or whoever owns the rights, sold out, but they've sold out to a company run by one of the leaders of the Heritage Foundation. The Heritage Foundation is a bunch of Anti Christ white people who spread Christianity like a disease and rape four year old boys in the dark hours of the night. Evangelical Christians and Republicans look at the Heritage Foundation like normal Earthlings look at the Beatles.

Ross just arrived with his daughter and is screaming for no apparent reason.

I'm broke. Still broke. There's something humbling about this and I'm not the type of person who needs any more humbling.

Well, I should talk to the other humans here.



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