Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Drunk Burglar

Margery 1

Margery has dreams of tiger heads biting her ankles. Made out of plants, the tigers have teeth of beans that sink into flesh like balloons into timber. These are sick-pain hallucinations associated with the fever.

Margery is sick with pneumonia and lays still on her bed waiting for the next thermometer to be sunk into her flesh like a redwood atomic dropped into a lake of Jello.

There's something evil about the doctors and what they will humiliate to alleviate.

There's a dozen of them that come in, all dressed like clowns in her sickness.

She wishes to forget them that come in gun ships, like pirates in search of blood.

Heavy needles follow with promises of what will and won't hurt.

If she makes a reading of under 102, she's free to leave, but she keeps bleeding fever like Jazz in August.

Done triumph, oh hurrumph. The hallucinations become deeper now and she swears her mother is speaking in tongues.

"Oh say can you see? By the dawn's early life? So proudly I held a leg bone in the darkness of night."

Margery forces her eyes open, in an attempt to stop spinning. The walls cave in and she is surrounded by white.

A dark angel comes down and lights upon her shoulder. It's Mr. Ray Charles and he asks "Tell me what I said?"

She answers "You said 'tell me what I said?'"

He smiles at her and his teeth become a great wall and marching hammers align in front of it as

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