Wednesday, June 16, 2010


Margery 2

Ray's face disappears.

"It's just another brick in the wall."

She pulls the covers over her head and stares into darkness.

Her eyes adjust to the light and she begins counting the square patterns in her comforter.






A large garden claw comes through the comforter and rakes her chest.

She shouts "Oh, my!"

It's Freddy Krueger and he draws blood and begins laughing like a jackass and this makes her laugh as well.

He fades and she's left staring at the ceiling. A civil war breaks out and she's watching the North and the South duke it out.

Cannons blaze and blue and red soldiers get slapped back into the few corners of her room and fall like lice onto the floor below.

She applauds and a doctor comes in with another needle so sharp it isn't even existent.

Night falls and a team of rogue squirrels with cucumber machine guns launch an assault on the portrait of George W. Bush above her head.

Is nothing sacred?

She passes out and her vision is flooded with tiny stars.

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