Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Poetry Corner

Poetry Corner from the History Notes of Edward, the Guy who Wishes he was a Vampire

Oh, my black heart lusts after you
My dear, my darling dark creation of evil
Oh, yes, I dwell in the lurking shrouds of satan and
Whilst I sing your name in dark despair
I must warn you that I am
Yes, oh, dread me in all my black glory as I descend upon you and
Suck your flesh from the nape of your neck,
My beautiful, my taken and seduced

- rose to popular acclaim in the democratic primary
- dubbed the comeback kid in 92
- vp: gore
- hand in notes at the end of the semester for full credit
- need no. 2 pencils for exam friday

Darkling of supple chest
and deep flesh
It is to you that i wake up in the dusk
To find the idea of your heart,
Your pain
Upon me
Like cold daggers impaling me in the morning of
your night
My love

- Study group Thursday: Rebecca, Kyle, Andre. Meet at one in cafeteria
- The Clinton Years: 20 bucks, ask ma for money, need lunch money as well for the rest of the week
- Google Janet Reno
- Have early leave on Friday

My rapture
Revelations cast upon me
As I look into your eyes
And find my love forever
Bound to you,
to the slave that i am

- get parking pass through april
- ask steve for notes from geometry
- Ken Starr, Monicagate - impeachement proceedings.

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