Wednesday, June 16, 2010


Patriotism Blows

Well, last weekend was pretty boring. But, on the other hand, I wasn't as hung over as usual.

Friday I enjoyed one fourth of Temple of Doom, before the garbage Netflix disc pooped out on me. On closer inspection, the disc looked like someone had shaved it.

Now, you'd think Netflix would give these things a spot inspection of some type? I mean it's hard to miss a disc that looks like Manimal attacked it.

Well, no harm, no foul: Temple sucks. Seriously, the whole movie is just a big gross out. Don't get me wrong; the other two movies are great. But, Temple was like Spielberg trying to gross his friends out at a game of double dare.

Hmmm....what else? Shaturday I went over to Scott's and got a dose of family life. Fucking kids and dogs all over the place.

We watched Raw and ate pizza. Well, I picked at mine, then the dog licked it and it had to be shot (the pizza).

Raw still holds up.

I believe a quiet fight took place as Shanna was stuck in the kitchen with Scott's kid, cuz Raw was playing. So, I went in the kitchen and colored with Shanna and Alyssa. Shanna explained to me how maternity leave was driving her nuts and asked if I had any drug dealer hook ups left (jokingly).

It's odd to hear this as someone is staying "within the lines" on a picture of Power Puff Girls (or whatever they are).

In reality, I too found it odd that Scott didn't seem to give a shit that the F-bomb was being dropped right and left in front of his kid. But, Scott has always amazed me in his efforts to be clueless about situations.

I drove home on six beers, which was really stupid, and parked in my new

**************************PARKING SPACE**************************

My parking space sucks goat balls.

I was parking on the street for the longest time and it sucks sometimes, but not that bad.

I mean it was on the street that someone nailed me and I was able to spend 2 grand in insurance money on Christmas gifts.

So, why the parking space? Well, one thing that does suck is coming home after an hour of traffic and finding fuckall for parking. Or when you have to carry groceries down a fucking large hill (think Streets of San Fran).

Another thing that sucks is that I can't parallel park. And, frankly, I'm getting sick of trying to figure out how much damage to a bumper warrants a note on someone's car.

It almost looks like I have one of those gay rainbows on my car with all the paint I've shucked from other cars gently tapping them when I park.

So, there you have it: I got a space.

They aren't assigned, but they still suck.

Why do they suck? The garage is the size and shape of roach hotel. The spaces are just wide enough so that you're able to only pull a Dukes of Hazard move to get out of your car. Also, in order to get around floors, you have to go around, then back up and maneuver the corner. It sucks balls and if I'm ever to be really loaded (god forbid) I'm going to end up destroying something.

Sunday was lame as well, I think I....what the hell did I do? Oh, I went to my sister's. Nothing big. It hailed.

Yesterday it snowed for a few minutes. Big deal.

Today, I've pissed off people on a chat board and watched as my boss slowly moves in behind me.

As for the chat board, it was this self-righteous asshole and his patriotism. I hate patriotism of any kind. It's so fucking ridiculous.

Look, did anyone choose what country they were born in? Nope. Have you been to every country on Earth? Well, then don't make the assertion that yours is the best. Just because we're at war that somehow makes us drones to that war? Fucking bullshit. If it weren't for all these governments and all these patriotic people we wouldn't be having wars in the first place. Good lord, I wish we could all live in small communities and pledge allegiance to the people we love and look after. Not a vague geographical notion of unity. What a joke. Do you, Joe Shmo from Arkansas have more in common with me than Juan Suez of Belize? Beyond language and proximity, what else? Does Juan have a collection of peanut butter sandwiches dating back from 1987 on his windowsill? Well, does he? If the answer is yes, and Joe's is no then....what was I talking about? Oh, yeah, patriotism is garbage. Think for yourself.

Yes, I realize the irony of telling someone to think for themselves.



P.S. I took a picture of a duck attacking a fish in the pond, but you can't really see it. I thought this was e-rotic.

P.S.S. K, I just looked at that picture and damned if I didn't take a shot of some oversized ghost DNA. Dude, I'm so esoteric?

What does esoteric mean? Please explain this so I don't feel like a tool.

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