Monday, June 7, 2010

Synth trees

The starting of the minotaur race was held on a Wednesday. And all blue clouds that can come are invited. These are the days of our lives. Pretty blue red flower flashing grey and gold. And then there were dreams. These dreams are like aluminum ribbon falling down a chain link fence. Curious? What will you ask of us? Eyes belting open and shut. It hurts the forehead. I wish you more head. I'm dragging this along like a cartoon painted green to show sickness. That's what these animals know. I didn't mean that. There's something about this place that wears off. Off this clothing and off this planet. All I cn . SOm.....This iopasopasas jk jl hjiop opa l; k yynjy aguoguoguoguoguoguok gggggggggasdagdk=27 5333333333333rme

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