Wednesday, June 16, 2010


Margery 3

The stars align into a staircase and Margery begins to climb.

There's nothing but space; black space and a staircase.

As she walks she hears Larry King narrate.

"Hello, folks. If you're just joining us, Margery is dead. We're gonna stay up with you tonight and chat with those she called family and friends. The phones are open, so if you'd like to share a memory about Margery tonight's the time to relive those years that bore a legend."

Margery sighs and keeps climbing steps.

"I grew up with Margery and went to school with her. What I remember most was she always had a smile for everyone."


"Sans gunboat. We cross the river Thames in search of bloody souls. We're legion in the path of destruction. There is no heaven or hell. We swap souls and the duty is bounty."

"That's just gibberish, caller."

"Hello, I'm patty Smith, I was Margery's first babysitter. What I remember about Margery is that she loved to play in leaves."

"That's heartwarming, but I believe we have Margery's mother on the line. Irene?"

"Yes, yes, this is Irene."

"Could you tell us a little about how you're feeling??

"Larry...Larry, it's like the sun has gone out of the sky and left for a better world. It's like – this is just awful, Larry. Why are you doing this?"

The world is now gone and Larry's

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