Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Love is Christ

Another Inspirational Letter

Please pass this along, it really shows what can happen when you really believe.

Hello, I don't usually write these types of things, and I'm a little embarrassed about forwarding this on to everyone, but I think it's important.

Recently, my husband was diagnosed with an unknown disease.

For months we went from specialist to specialist and could not figure out what was wrong with my Frank.

I can't even begin to describe what it's like to have a love one sick and not even knowing how to even start to help him.

Then, last month I gave up and decided to seek help from above.

You see, for years I had turned my back on our savior when my mother had died and I promised myself that I would never turn to false hope again.

Well, I was at my wit's end at this point and I decided that I had nothing to lose. And, if Frank was not to become well, I decided that it was just Christ's plan.

It was a dreary January morning when I made my decision and I remember going out on the deck to ask Christ to forgive my sins and to accept me into his everlasting salvation.

Then, I told him of my problem in prayer.

Miraculously, the clouds opened and the sun came out. I began to weep and uttered "God, please forgive me for going astray." Just then, I feel a slight sting between my eyes and realize that a squirrel has hucked a nut at me.

I stand up and yell at the little motherfucker "Look, you fucker! I was having a moment here!"

Well, the little son of a bitch hucks another nut at me and I'm fucking really mad now. So, I take this large rock and throw it at the squirrel, but miss.

I run into the house and grab Frank's .45 and run back outside. Frank yells something to me and I'm like "Hey, go fuck yourself! There's a fucking squirrel out here that threw a nut at me while I was praying for you to be able to get a hard on, you ungrateful bastard!"

Yeah, Frank has this fucked up condition where he can't get an erection and Viagra isn't working. That's why I was praying.

Anyway, this fucking squirrel thinks he's all bad ass, so I take out his little buddy squirrel first, then some smaller baby squirrels that I hope were his and then I shoot the little bastard in the tail. He takes a dive off the tree and I pick his sorry ass up and nail him to that tree to die a slow death.

It was then that I realize 'Hey, fuck God.'

Please send this to eight people or I'll nail you to a tree.



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