Thursday, September 30, 2010

The Day After

Sour Grapes

I feel like I've just been dumped. Last night I was up to nine beers before Ohio was called and ate a slice of pizza to try to bring on sleep. Hours later, I woke up at 2.30 in a full rage. I set the alarm for an hour later and managed to get back to sleep. What went through my mind during the interval of anger was just how ugly the winners were. Anyone who reads this regularly, I would assume, is informed enough to know the ugliness is manifold and there's no reason to even get into the talking points.
I remember, when I was a child, I saw a movie called "My Bodyguard." It was probably some cheap, after school special, but it really drove home the point of "life is unfair"; at least to a five-year-old. The basic premise was this kid who was getting picked on by this bully, and no one could help the kid out. So, he gets this bodyguard who kicks the other kid's ass, or something. Well, then the bad kid gets this other dude to kick the bodyguard's ass. And, you know how those movies go, he doesn't just kick his ass, he rubs his face in shit and so on.
I remember being so fucking angry and asking my mom why Superman (i'm not trying to be cute, this is just what i remember) couldn't come down and annihilate this punk degenerate. That's when my mom or dad (they were still together then) explained that life was not fair.
But, how the hell do these kind of thugs get away with this shit? Well, that's life.
Now, I'm not a black, disenfranchised coal worker in Pennsylvania, moonlighting at McDonald's to support my children and then being told my name looks a lot like a felon's so I can't vote. I'm also not a Middle Eastern man sitting in some shit hole prison indefinitely because I gave to one charity or the other. And, I'm not a candidate for president, who fought in an ungodly war, decorated for my service, had the Gibraltar-sized balls to question that service and then lose an election to a sneaky puppet, false prophet, death monger who dodged a good-for-nothing war, and then spat on those who wanted to go and find out just how good or bad it was – because they felt it was right.
So, basically, why the sour grapes? I'm not getting screwed here. Am I just a child watching others get screwed like a TV show and letting it get me angry for no reason? Maybe. Aside from barbs from Bushalikes at work, I'm really in no danger of losing a lot. Hell, if you read this blog, you know I don't have much.
But, if you have an once of empathy, and the basic common sense that you can't watch others die and not realize you will one day as well, you will know that today's loss will eventually hit home. There was some quote about a guy in Germany who was talking about how he did nothing when they came for his Jewish friend, and did nothing when they came for his Communist friend, and when they came for him, he had no friends left to help him.
That pretty much sums up what this nation is about to go through.
You may think it's all lies and hyperbole, but this is very real. Somehow the old specter of racism has turned into a new evil of "moral right" and it will fall and drape itself all over the United States. It's been happening for three years now, and no one will take it seriously. I really wonder if this was what it was like in the early years of Hitler.
And how long will we keep asking that before someone takes it seriously instead of writing it off.
And what about the vote? What does it prove? Well, if we assume that this election wasn't blanketed in fraud, it proves that the majority of Americans really believe in what's going on and support it.
I keep getting emails from people who are just dumbfounded that Kerry not only lost, but that the race was even close.
Well, my only answer is Britney Spears, Titanic, Survivor, etc.....
In a nation that continually buys and enjoys shitty music, movies, and television it's no wonder that they enjoy shitty government.
So, what now? Revolution? Ha. What a joke. Most of the revolutionaries wouldn't even feel comfortable with the idea of owning a gun.
No, I guess we just wait for Dean to rise from his drawing board in 2007 and try to pull off an election without being too real.
I could hope for a Bush impeachment, but with the government owned by the wagging tails of the collective GOP, I highly fucking doubt it.
If Bush pulled out a gun and shot Kerry dead last night, he wouldn't even go to trial. And this is the country you have inherited.
A note to the young people: in 1992 the big Bush senior misleader was how he said in '88 "Read my lips – no new taxes." And then proceeded to tax us. Now, if you buy his '04 son's promise of "No Draft," then I have an oil field in Iraq to sell you.
All in all, I should have seen this coming when Bon Jovi played the theme music to my campaign.
Like the title, this is sour grapes, but damn, I think I deserve this.
Peace (yeah, right)

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