Thursday, September 30, 2010

Saw was Shit via 2004

"Saw" is the funniest shitty movie I have seen since "A.I."
The difference is, in "A.I." I was the only one laughing towards the end at how ridiculous the movie was. And it only got ridiculous towards the end.
"Saw" is a non-stop calvacade of laughs. Starting with the dumb puppet, continuing with the puppet on a tricycle, danny glover moaning like frankenstein, and ending with cary elwes moaning like the kid who played luke skywalker in my 7-year-old production of "star wars" in my back yard with the neighbors camcorder.
"Saw" WAS worth seeing just for the laughs. Half way through, i was at the edge of my seat waiting for the next amatuer shot at acting, puppet apperance or danny glover hunch back walk.
Unlike "A.I.", "Saw" had me in hysterics throughout the entire movie, and my friends and myself were not the only group of people laughing.
Josh said afterwards "you know, at first you were the only one laughing. But, then, after awhile, I think the rest of the audience saw your point."
Tremendous filmmaking.
I definitely recommend "Saw," but not for the genre it's labeled for.
peace, vote kerry

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