Thursday, September 30, 2010

Illegal Pharm

March of the Moral Majority

Good Lord. Who the hell anointed these people saints? If it was Jesus, he should be put on trial for war crimes when he rises from Care Bear land.
These people AREN'T moral. These people are not only amoral - they are fucking annoying. They are the idiots that cut you off in parking lots and bitch in movie lines that they didn't get the appropriate discount. You can see them asking you to ask them about Jesus as they pass you in a turn lane. These people only fight when the war is two inches in front of their faces.
Not only that, but their children are absolute hellions. They are the "biters" in the classroom and the tantrum throwers in the malls.
And they all breed like nobody's business. Without birth control or abortion, its no wonder these cretins are voting our conscience. Their numbers are manifold.
The two RELIGION WITHHELD that sit behind me have a new child every six months. Then, they bitch that they aren't getting enough benefits from work for the delivery.
Who do you think is paying for their fuckhappy ways?
Yours truly.
My co-pays go up because of this rampant breeding. And don't even let me get into how it affects everyone in taxes and overpopulation.
Not only that, we subsidize these degenerates' that they can molest children in peace.
Are these broad generalizations? Damn straight.
It's time to fight morons with bean curd. I don't know what that means, but the Moral Majority seems to have no problem lumping us into a homogenized clump of gay sex, flag burning, and baby killing – so why the fuck not lump them into what they are?
So, let's go on.
They smell bad, normally, as well.
Most of their Gods are con artists, magicians, and charlatans. Their Gods tell them to kill, kill, kill and to love, love, love. They believe in abstinence, but not masturbation. They own homes that smell of cabbage and Lysol. They like to crotchet crocheting needles. They think that superheroes live in the sky and will reward them for kissing their asses (superhero remark swiped). They eat Cheetos and then wipe their fingers on their neighbor. They have vast sensory organs that can smell free food miles away. They live on welfare, but give their Walmart income to corrupt churches. They wear more makeup than Tammy Faye Baker – and she's one of them! They shit out of their mouths and eat with their assholes. They come in five sets of twelve. They offer queen and Serta Perfect. They will rot your teeth. They come with a free prize if you scratch their heads off. They all own dogs named Barkley. They have sex using tubes and droppers. They eat a lot of Velveeta. They aren't even human. Their leader will come one day and demand Slurpies.
Ah, well, I'm exhausted. Just the thought of these twisted degenerates makes me sick.
What is true is that their dogmas support the ideas of a master and slave society and they will perpetuate their will through big business and oligarchic government.
The morons that voted for Bush (and they are morons), believe in lies. They see the world through faith lenses where everything stands as long as it is told to them by their selected mouthpiece.
If Bush told them the world was flat, they would believe. And there's no hyperbole here. WMD? Al Queda ties? We got that – even though it doesn't exist.
The real religious use faith as a way to interpret their beliefs. Most of them do not read the bible in the literal sense. They do not believe a horned dragon will pounce on Syria. But, they do believe the lessons these enormous pictures paint. In Revelations they speak a lot about the false prophet. The Moral Majority thinks this will be manifested in one man. The real religious know that false prophets come and go and that we've just elected one.


God bless,
Randy "the Randinator" Eckert

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