Thursday, September 30, 2010


There's no Reason to Eat Another Taco

Man. You remember Friday, when I ate that sandwich and felt all shitty?
Well, it happened again. This time it was with tacos. You see, my mom made tacos for Thanksgiving and...wait, I need to look at, Shannon is beating up homeless people again.
Anyway, so my sister's are going to Chicago for Thanksgiving, so my mom had a special Thanksgiving on Sunday.
It doesn't explain why she made turkey, potatoes, salad, stuffing....and tacos.
But, anyway, so I took some taco meat home and made some tacos yesterday.
Well, I had one and it tasted oh, so good. So, I had another, then another and now I'm sick as all hell. There's no reason to eat another taco after you have had one. Man, what was I thinking?

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