Thursday, September 30, 2010


Dude, I'm Totally Going to get in with the Flying Saucer Crowd


Emails are Ripe Today

So, last night I saw a UFO. That's right! Don't try to debunk my shit either. Here is the story I sent via EMAIL to family:

UTR099 Help Topics menu (HELP)

and the help text for the following fields of UTR099:


Wait, no, that's something else on my clip board. Let me find it. Here ya go:

So there i was - on jenny's back deck. i had heard that the northern lights
>might be out, so i ventured a long stare into the sky. immediately, i saw
>something that looked like a shooting star, but going a bit slower and
>looking much larger - but, that wasn't the ufo.
>i called into brad, but he was changing elijah. "brad, i saw a shooting
>or something!" i said.
>Brad said he'd be out.
>So, i continued to look for more, thinking it was a shower. i gazed up
>towards the north star and saw this one star moving. It looked just like a
>star, but it was moving. so, i figured it was a plane or satellite. But,

>was moving side to side, backward and around as well as straight - unlike

>plane or anything. it was weird. brad witnessed it too.

Shocking? Oh, yes.
But, that was not the only rare sighting of last night. According to EMAIL, Rachel (this one chick) saw Eddie Vedder at some Death Cab concert performing an encore. Eddie Vedder is a rarity in Seattle when he can find work.
Moving right along, my other EMAIL thread was from a coworker who explained that many of the wives here at work go out for "dessert" when their husbands are out of town.
As she explains it:
Yes they know somewhat....they do role playing with them but don't know that it really happens outside there so called marriage.
I guess it keeps the spark!

Shocking? Erotic? You bet. I guess most of the women out there actually perform there role playing parts in real life. Which means I have an ex-girlfriend who banged multiple plumbers, burglars and handimen when I wasn't home. As much as lesbian sex is erotic, I don't think I'd ever role play another woman. The sound of me trying to talk like a girl would totally turn me off.
Um...I think that's it for now.
Also, if you're a Seattle – area resident and witnessed the UFO I witnessed, please drop a line.And for you, you aliens that I saw, if you're going to do an autopsy on me, please stay away from my pooper.

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