Monday, April 5, 2010

Creation Island

EPISODE 234: The Penny and Dice Party have nothing to do with this episode of.......

It was getting dark and the Llama man had just finished milking the fridge.
"Ah, looks like a good haul this time. Three cartons worth." He unnippled the jugs of milk he had bought from the grocery store and put the bucket full of fresh milk into the fridge to replace them.
"Ah, there's nothing like a good milking. Speaking of, where's my ham sandwich? Oh, that's right, I didn't have a ham sandwich. I wonder what Dr. Charley is up to?"

Meanwhile in the lab of Dr. Charley:

Later that night in the lab of Dr. Charley:


"It is I, Dr. Charley, this time Llama man won't be able to stop me!"


"From walking over........HERE!"


"Yes, it is great. Now, it's off to rob something. I think i'll start with the Salvation Army. HA! That's how evil I am. I will now cuss a swear word, uh Damn. HA!"

Earlier that evening:

"Mom, could you pick up some Snickers bars for the fundraiser tomorrow?"
"Sure, huh. Is your dad going?"
"I don't know, call him."
"You call him, i have an errand to run."
"OK.....Dad, hey you coming to the fundraiser tomorrow?"
"Sure, son."

Dr. Charley was just finishing his milk when he ran into Llamamanandtheygotinafightandllamamanwontheend.


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