Monday, April 5, 2010

Garden of Eden

Letters to the Editor: A Sampling of Letters to the Editor

Dear, Matt
While I understand your opinion on the war in Iraq, I was just wondering why you state "and peanut butter was spread on the sandwich" when in last week's column, you stated that it was "a good helping of lettuce." Which is it, Matt? Or can't you keep your story straight? It seems to me that ever since you started applauding your view on the war in Iraq, you can't keep with what you said the week before. So, Matt, which was it: lettuce of peanut butter?

Evelyn Glades
Renton, WA

In Thursday's column you recommended oats for treating depression and I had some concerns. I'm a long time sufferer of depression and I've been eating oats since I was a child; almost for every meal and still I find myself melancholy most of the time. I haven't touched my salt lick in weeks and no longer have the energy to run the full track, much less catch that rabbit that is propelled around it. Could you please research this further and let your readers know of other resources for fighting this debilitating disease?

-The Horse
Kansas City, California

While you suggest that alien life is far from possible, may I suggest this: maybe you are not looking in the right place. Say, maybe within the letters of intranet communication? HA HA HA HA HA

-(name withheld)

Hey, bud, I'm still down in Florida. I enclosed some vacation photos and a couple of bucks for the kid's birthdays. Love always, Susan.

- Susan
Ft. Meyer, Florida

What's the deal with this thing I'm holding, right now. You know what this is? I picked it up over there and I can't figure out what it is for the life of me. I mean, it's gotta be something?

Four Oaks, New York

Where do you get off? I'm outraged. In last's week's column you explained that bald men should be "shot" and are "a disease on this society." Well, being bald, I took exception to this particular hate-filled anger rant. My people have been living in the United States since it was founded and have given to this nation for years and for years to come. I guess bastard bigots like you would just like to dress us up in wigs or send us back to our own country? Is that it? Well, maybe you have a few inadequacies that you need to discuss with someone. Look, we're bald and we're here to stay. Get with the program, buddy.

-George Fred
Waterpark City, New Jersey

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