Monday, April 5, 2010


When we last visited the Llama man he was in bed watching CNN and smoking a cigarette.
What the hell? Why did we visit him then?
Anyway, the Llama man was boring the piss out of my readers, sitting around smoking cigarettes and...but, i've already mentioned that.
Let's keep on topic.
Lesbian sex is the mutual same sex relationship between two females, aged eighteen, hot as hell and...
But, again, we have run off topic.
So, the Llama man got out of bed with a start.
"In our latest CNN poll, it seems that Dr. Charley is robbing an Arby's in Renton, Washington."
"KAZART!" Screamed the Llama man. "Dr. Charley is loose and robbing roast beef again. I must summon my super human llama strungth and lay down my swift brand of justice, mexi-style!"
The Llama man then drifted off to sleep. Because, you know the Llama man was tired.

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