Monday, April 5, 2010

I think we hear violence

I Can't Discern Commercials from Shows

I'm sitting, watching radio. Everything I need to know. There are bombs and guns, and guns and tanks, I'm shooting my gun at the TV, but it's full of blanks. Two score and four years ago, a teacher told me all I know. And forever I thought I was good and taught, but something comes and makes me dumb and I'm forever lost. Long, long time ago, dead skin and filthy elbow, I've been crossed. Back long time ago, when I lived like an elbow, everything was forced and made to believe. In my elbow days I was a joint to be relieved. Come far to come so far down, I've learned that learning is crime. Shot in face with spray paint. Dead hit with repellent and still we fall to knees. Said arms akimbo with hate on sleeve. Said for from tomorrow and out our eyes we bleed. Turn on the TV and blood is what we need. Not far from far down below – we make up what we believe. I watch commercial and trade entertainment for what I need. All I like on are blue and white lights. I'm so full of nothing I'm living off...say, come on, come on. Say come on! Come on! We're so full of lice that hangs from eyeballs full of cratered death so far, so sick, so fucking full of it! There's a done did, shoulda said, say quit bleeding noises and images off the fucking TV!

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