Monday, April 5, 2010

Long Guitar Solo

Written by Aimsky.

driving school

when i was 17 i took drivers ed. the driving instructor was this guy named bryan. he was gross-looking, a hideous little troll of a man. had to be in his 40s, short, pregnant-looking and his face had a lot of loose skin, looked like a bull-dog. he was very mild-mannered, the class walked all over him. it got so bad one day that i think he was crying, everyone was talking and running around, people were going in and out of the window........he was always really nice and i always felt bad for him. then came the actual driving part. the first time he took me driving there were no problems. second time he patted my knee a couple of times but i thought nothing of it. third time rolls around. he has scheduled it for a dark rainy night, this is the first time i would drive on the highway. so i'm driving on the highway, doing good, and he keeps patting my knee again. then he leaves his hand there. then his fat greasy hand starts moving up my thigh. i look over at him and he is sweating. he's like, 'do u like this?' i'm kind of in shock, so i say, 'WHAT??' and he goes, 'nevermind' and u can totally tell he's getting off from fondling my thigh. then his hand moves up and starts trying to rub my pussy through my jeans and i push it back down. he keeps trying though. i'm starting to panic, can't breathe, decide to kill us. so i floor it and the car starts flying. it's dark and rainy, my first time on highway and we're doing 90. dammit, i forgot, he can brake from his side!

when he drops me off he apologizes and tells me what a nice person i am. i'm just like, 'yeah, i'm the nicest person i know' i go in the house and tell my mom what happened. we don't call the cops cuz every time we ever have, no matter what the situation, they find a reason to arrest me. so she calls the school, sends them a letter, i get my certificate w/out having to go back to class. a few days later i actually see him in the hall. he walks up to me and says hi, i book. all freaked out. i'm not even the only person he has done this to, why does he still have a job?? a few days later me and krista are outside waiting for someone and we see him in the driving car w/a student. krista starts screaming shit at him, calling him a fucking pervert and child molester. he covers his face with a newspaper.

i wonder what ever happened to that crazy guy!! in a way i hope he gets fucked in the ass by the cars tailpipe, (nolube) but in another way i was never really that angry about what he did. not happy about it but hey, it could've been worse.

i am on the phone w/a customer right now and when he found out his cd was no good he put it through his fucking PAPER SHREDDER! i thought he was joking when he said he was gonna do it, then i heard the crunching/snapping. why. i asked him why and he just laughed.

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