Monday, April 5, 2010


OPINION: Personality Tests are for Shit

Are you the type of person who feels curious about what your personality may be? Do you take random tests that survey your lifestyle and emotions and grade you accordingly with one-paragraph studies?
Well, let me help you and do all the work for you: you're a fucking geek.
That's your personality. You are a troglodyte that finds self satisfaction in answering questions to the best of your ability, using your better judgment of what is right or wrong. NOT what you actually are.
I doubt there's a large range of men and women who answer the "Do people find you hostile?" type questions honestly. So, who are you kidding?
Look, you're a fucking asshole just like the rest of the brain-dead hair balls that take these tests.
But, wait, here's more:
You are generally the type of person who enjoys masturbating to Yanni records while you webcam it for others. You are prone to fits of paste eating and probably enjoy huffing with your friends. You find social situations awkward, because most of the time you're panting and drooling while humping a leg. Friends might describe you as incoherent, retarded, or Republican.
Personality Tests: strictly for the birds.

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