Monday, April 5, 2010


Notes from the Overground

The moving has begun, I dread the shaking.

The boss is now moving in. There is no turning back. Her peripherals are being set up as I type in 8 point so that I can be assured that she won't see this.

Good Christ.

My silverware has come! That's right, I've been filling my empty soul with useless products. I hate people like me: I just got a credit card and I've been buying shit I don't need with it. Seriously, I hate people who do that.

My first purchase? New silverware. Now, I did need silverware, I was down to three forks and two spoons and ate soup with a pipe last night, but what I didn't need was hundred-dollar silverware. There's no excuse for having hundred-dollar silverware - unless you steal or just had a wedding.

But, rest assured, the stems are exquisite.

My apartment assistant manager called to ask if Shaturday was a good day to show my apartment. I don't know where she got the idea I was moving, but I thought maybe this is standard practice. Like, maybe they didn't have a studio to show, cuz there was a dead body in the vacant one, and so they needed to show mine. So, I made up an excuse that I was having company this weekend and couldn't help. It turns out she called the wrong dude, so I lied for no reason.

There's nothing more irresponsible than lying for no reason.

Tonight I'm supposed to be meeting some friends at some Ohana's piece of shit. Then, it's off to go get drunk for five hours. I really don't want to be hung over tomorrow, what with my new silverware to use and all.

No plans for Shaturday. I'll probably do some reading. I have five books that are new and I feel I must read, considering I bought them. It's not like the fifty or so that have been lying around my apartment, last apartment, before that apartment, before that apartment, room at my mom's house for like 15 years.

According to my one-book-a-month calculations, I should be done with them all (5) by June. I'm excited about this.

I got paid today. After bills and the amount I was overdrawn, I get a whopping 120 dollars. Isn't that awesome. I was overdrawn 725, I paid a 100 credit card bill, a 35 dollar light bill, and a 300 dollar car payment. Coupled with taxes, 26 paychecks a year, 3% for 401K, 70 a check for a 401K loan, and you'll be able to know how much I make a year. Answer below.


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