Friday, August 21, 2009

District Nine Review

All in all this was a good movie. I enjoy Sci Fi and this movie touched on all the hallmarks of good Sci Fi. Let's take a peak:

The movie begins in Johannesburg, Ethiopia in the year 2934. A large ship full of brain draining arachnids has shuttled it's crew from the war torn Earth of that year to the New York of 1988.
The arachnids arrive in full New Wave regalia and with a little help from their human slaves, have managed to get away as Brits.
"We're Brits!" They say any time anyone asks them why they speak in this chunky language, but since they are speaking in that language, everyone just figures they are from New Jersey.
At this point, one of the arachnids, begins voice overing a narrative of their struggle, and it is revealed that the space creatures are called Pocky. That's for plural and singular. If you are a Pocky, then you and your Pocky can go to the store and buy a hotdog. That kind of thing.
Anyway, this causes confusion with the candy by the same name, but only in Japan and Cost Plus.
Moving right along, the Pocky had come to Earth in the year 2934 to get a better deal on Health Care. At that point in history, Ethiopia was the only country where it didn't cost over a million dollars to have a doctor remove a splinter and pour hydrogen peroxide on it.
But it was still fucking expensive!
So, the Pocky went back in time to 1988 to get free health care in Canada, but arrived in New York. Since they didn't know the language, they had no idea that they were miles away from Canada.
So, the Pocky begin making YouTube videos of themselves being funny in the office. Like, there's this one where the one Pocky is trying to sell this guy insurance (not health, auto) and one of his antennae pops out of the human mask and scares the guy to death. Literally – he dies. But he doesn't just die, he blows up like a balloon made of chum.
But aren't they in 1988?
Yes, they are uploading the movies from 1988 to the year 2009. That's where we come in.
So, you see this movie of this guy blowing up and they pan out and it turns out WE were watching the movie the whole time.
Then District 9 starts.

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