Friday, August 21, 2009

So Say the Recipe

Ignore the evidence
Salad is quick
Come forsake my angel night
Come extinguish the light.

Come and play my game

Run down that badger, Kip
Come smell my rock-bottom

Escape the medic!
Escape the medicine?

Revolve around time
Corrupting my parapet.


Say what?

Cross and helix
Escape my parapet.

Clumsy. Obnoxious.
Left hand porno movie.

I met a grocery clerk
on my midnight errands.
It was a month ago,
somewhere in August
I was purchasing
supplies for the coming week.
I believe it was
coffee, juice
and assorted snacks.
She stood at the register
going through the midnight
motions of nothing to do.
She wore a white shirt
and an apron of blue.
She went through her
chores of nothing to do,
while I picked out
groceries of liquid, food,
and tobacco.
No sign in her eyes,
as I walked the long
aisle, so I went
upon the motions
of fidgeting
and looking at the
It was midnight
in the grocery
I was buying
rations for the
week to come.
Gravely, I looked
at the time,
feigning an appointment
that would never arrive.
She wore make up
and earrings, and
hair auburn-fall,
August was upon us,
but the hair proclaimed
The time was midnight,
as far as I remember.
It was my turn now
to purchase my things,
I left them n the
to be processed
into bill and bag.
She smiled at me,
and I lost my nerve,
I couldn't speak a sentence, syllable
or word.
My name was printed
on the bank's check,
and she recognized
the last.
And after my

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