Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Tha Tha

This is the the-the. Tha. Happen to find the expierence quite startling. Sitting on a curb I fidn the rose bricks quite inspiring - or, to say they would. Chance a pass in the lower gears purr and voice the distant rain-appeal. Lighter ground for a higher consciousness - to be told. And have you seen the new night streamers go round? This is the black darkness of death. Bath drips like dead antelope down, down to the starving daughters that enjoy your WORK? And how do we come to this conclusion? So shaded and mundane. Word of God. word of God. This is the practice of atonement for grants, great, and piracy. Enjoy your day. Come what may. Mother may I sleep in the refuse, it's more practical than the alley can. And can I do the can-can-can once more? To these there never is a sin. And who show'd say why? And And And And And And And. Mother may I and? Have you juiced through the dead stump of favorite tame with the dead shrows of forgotten birds down below the cellar door. Down, down, down,
Did you down? Down aspirin with percoset with coin with coke with ephedrine. Tiny dots Tiny dots. Down by the fountain we went to see the rides.
June 2, 2003

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