Monday, August 24, 2009

Four Enclosed Walls

September 6, 1998
195 lbs

I was about here, last night, when I decided I'd better get the hell out of the house. Night had fallen, coffee was getting cold and my brain needed something, besides myself, to listen to.
I called Josh, mentioned I'd like to do something. He was with Chris. These two were my last resort.
Chris called back later, looking for Traci's number. I believe it was a clever disguise saying "I know we're both bored as hell, I don't wanna hafta call Traci so - PLEASE HANG OUT WITH ME!"
I accepted, he was right, I need Traci's phone number too!
So, we called Pat, and, as luck would have it, they were going out. They being Pat and crew.
Down to Seattle's Pioneer square to drink and make merry.
Me and a fella named Brian decided to drink in a convenient store, instead of paying cover and four-dollar drinks at the club.
We only had two hours before last call, anyway.
After we paraded about to a teeny club and were dismissed for the stench on Brian's breath.
To the porn!
We ventured to the Lusty Lady. I watched a few fuck flicks, Weisberg went gaga in the strip shows and Brian and Neil walked the halls, bitchin about going to another club.
Later, Brian caught sight of a Russian strokin one off to a dildo-carrying strip-slut. Weisberg then walked in on the poor Commi.
We left.
More porn was to be had!
Down to the sex boutique. I tried to find something of interest, but found some sort of adult voice telling me how stupid it all was.
I left empty handed. Weisberg bought various magazines.
We left Seattle. I went home and then to bed.
Today I've been bored off y ass with nothing to do.
A bit ago I talked to Traci. She can be a large-type annoyance. But, today I enjoyed what I thougth would be a nowhere conversation. She's fun to talk to about sex. Why? She's honest about the vice. I masturbate too much, she fucks too much - so I shut up and listen.
A recent pregnancy scare has driven her to celibacy. A pact with God and a period is all it took. It wasa funny conversation, with her admitting that she just plain likes sex too much. Then, came around to say that once she had it, she'd wonder "Why did I fuck this guy, it wasn't even that good."
It reminds me of drinking, and she used that as an analogy.
One worry I had was that she would give me guilt aout not talking to her after we had had sex.
Traci and I only hang out about once every two months anyway - it had nothing to do with the sex. So, when she popped in with " I thought you'd never call me."
I didn't think it had been that long.
I remember the event. It was hot out and I think I went limp at one point and gave up. It was a most embarrassing spectacle.
"Why?" I asked, figuring she thought I was embarrassed about the ugly event that ended with me saying "London Bridge is falling down."
She said "Cause you haven't called me since we fucked."
It made me laugh and excited at the same time.
When women say "we fucked" it gets me going.

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