Saturday, September 26, 2009

Abort South Dakota

South Dakota and Brokeback Mountain will determine the Election

That's right.

The "red" states are sobering up and figuring out that it's not a joke: we really have a totalitarian oligarchy on our hands.

Slowly, one by one, Republicans are waking up to the fact that they made a big mistake.

A really big mistake.

But, what to do?

Elections are coming up and each and every Republican is treating Bush like a leper pedophile. The closer to him you get the chances of you coming down with canker sores and a prison stint are exponential.

That's why campaign 06 is going to be all about those two topics everyone has to deal with in their day to day life, the two topics that could make or break the rest of your life, the two most important reasons politicians exist to protect us: butt sex and proto humans.

The Republicans know how to stir a pot, and they do it well. Mix equal parts gay bashing with making sure rape victims carry their demon seeds to term.

Yes, those dirty Republicans will do it every time and it's only up to the good Democrats to turn the tide.


Think again. The cunt that passed this law is a Democrat.

Not only that, the leader of the Democratic party, Harry Reid, is pro-life.

And these bastards even believe that abortions should be illegal when the mother is raped, when her life is at risk, and if the child is a product of incest.

Which shouldn't surprise us. The other states jumping on this anti abortion bandwagon are all the buttholes of this country: Missouri, Tennesee, Florida, insert additional inbred, backwoods holes in the continent.

So, there's that. And don't think that King Crimson Alito won't help ban abortion period.

Moving right along: the Oscars.

The Oscars are the single biggest jerk off in the universe. Peppered with celebrities that should be shot before allowed to act and annoying hosts that pose as comedians but are really doing a commercial for the shitty movie industry.

And, yes, it is a shitty industry.

I can't remember the last good movie I saw.

But, they ARE political. Remember after 911 when blacks swept the awards? What were the chances? Because, you know how when it comes to the Oscars, blacks always take away the gold.

Pish. They continually get marginalized. Has Spike Lee ever won an award? Singleton?

No, it was a political move to show that America is NOT racist in light of the coming death camps that are now in full swing and populated by Arabs, Persians, Afghans, Thais, Filipinos, and one white guy: The American Taliban kid.

Oh, and of course AN ASS LOAD OF BLACKS.

So, don't believe the hype when Brokeback Mountain sweeps the Oscars. Now, I can't speak for the movie, having never seen it, but if it's a drama about forbidden romance…THEN I'VE PROBABLY FUCKING SEEN IT A MILLION TIMES.

Christ, Jungle Fever, Romeo and Juliet, Guess Who's Coming to Dinner, Anal Assassins….

Look, it's bullshit. Brokeback Mountain is the same shit as always and the only way it's gonna sweep is because there's conservatives at work here.

They need abortion and gay sex to split up the would be anti-conservatives spurned by Bush into a clan of knee jerk "That's the fag candidate" hicks.

And they'll do it.

I promise you: wait for election 06 and I promise Brokeback will be mentioned as a barb numerous times against liberal candidates (the two or three that are left).

"But, Matt, Hollywood is liberal: why would they help conservatives?"

Bullshit. Hollywood is NOT liberal. Hollywood works off money. They would skin children and flavor the popcorn with their guts if Hollywood execs thought it would sell.

Hell, they may support Democratic candidates, but don't think those Dems are liberal.

Even Clinton is talking like a backwoods bible thump these days: both of them.

Mark my words: the election will center around butt fucking and proto humans and the bad guys will win again because this country sucks.

Face it: Democracy has failed.

Find a third party and vote for it.

Fuck Republicans, and REALLY fuck Democrats because it was their job to protect us from this fascist affront to our nation.

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