Monday, September 14, 2009

Conspiracy Theory - Snoop Dogg is in Danger!

Michael Jackson is Dead – Go Buy a Beatles Album

Looking at the news, well half assed, I'm not really seeing any connection. But why the dramatic BUY BEATLES SHIT and Rockband crap? Right on the heels of Jackson eating dirt? Could he have had voting power to rerelease their albums and do the Rock Band thing? Then he died? It's possible. Something's up. Not since Beatles Anthology has the media blitz the public with Beatles crap. Don't get me wrong, I love the Beatles, but I'm not rebuying their albums or playing some dipshit game. Oddly enough, there's another connection – Manson. The TV is really pushing Manson docudramas at the same time. Something's up. Something sinister. Something…entertaining.

What if?

OK, so, we have the above premise: three related people all in the limelight. Manson is related to the Beatles in that the Beatles inspired him to…be fucking crazy. Michael is in the spotlight because he took a dirt dive, and Michael is one of the biggest owners of Beatles music. The Beatles are in the news because of the rerelease of their albums in a box set and their music being "playable" on some video version of the Partridge Family. Manson is currently on two or three channels played by some loser with a wig. Now, Roman Polanski, the guy whose wife was off'd by Charlie, was denied entry into the US for rape, and one of the killers of his wife was just denied parole. All of these Manson error events occurred in 1969 – and it's now 2009! What if, just what if, something sinister was going on? Think about it. Have some eggs. I'll wait.

Whoa, No!

Manson was the leader of a "peace" group that went awry. During the 60s, the government of the United States was close to being overrun by damn, dirty hippies. Now, think of it: set up false flag groups, like Manson's that preach peace and then end up killing people. Not only killing people, but pregnant people. Not only killing people, but hating minorities. That's heavy for the sixties. That's the type of thing that could bring down the peace movement, the Aquarius children, the whole shebang when they all self exam themselves and find out one of their own is capable or child murder. This is some deep shit. I suggest you unplug your phone and write all of this on your stomach.

No I Diuhnt!

Now, think about this: Roman Polanski is the man who made the movie Rosemary's Baby! And it was his wife's unborn baby that was killed! I just put two and two together and made a conspiracy sandwich, baby!


Manson was fond of the word Pig or Piggy to degrade what he saw as the social establishment. Years later, Trent Reznor would move into the Tate house (where the murders took place) and write an album about pigs. I mean, there's like two or three songs with pig in the title! Not only that, Tate's sister would come and make Reznor cry for no apparent reason. Oh, and he kept the door to the place after he moved out. Oh, and he started drinking around that time. Then he made a really bad ass album and then a terrible album and then a so so album, then a really good album and another pretty good album. But this has little to do with my conspiracy.

So Who Are the Players?

The Beatles
Charles Manson
Roman Polanski
Michael Jackson
Trent Reznor
The Nation of Islam

The Nation of Islam?

That's right. In the 60s, the government wasn't just worried about peaceniks, they also worried about Black Power movements that threatened to bring Whitey (Richard Nixon) down. So, why not create another false flag movement? Flash forward to 1995 as Jackson embraces NOI. Now, our question is why would the government want Jackson dead at the hands of the NOI? Notice that leap? That's right baby, I can leap frog facts and come to conclusions. That's some leaping right there.


SNOOP DOG! Snoop Dog is next!

Do you see how I'm right? Let me know what you think, America.

Rob Robertson

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