Saturday, September 5, 2009

The Seattle Folklife Festival is Sick and Depraved

Good lord, Bilbo Baggins abortions walking around with walking sticks and sticks of honey in their mouths/vaginas/anuses.
Toady lepers advertising Hemp Fest 06, ugly mutton-chopped thrill killers playing manson in fountains with ugly children.
It gets worse. Giant octopi sinking ink into every passerby that happens to be wearing anything not made of burlap. It was ugly.
To be for sure, I didn't engage in any of the pad thai bullshit that fell onto the ground like kamikazee rainbows of food love.
Fucking degenerates with their love of Thai food. No love for the burger, the hash, and all things that have made Americans so fat and lovable.
Soviet socialists and Nazi propaganda fucktwits borrowing clothes from hippies to sell proposition 89. Fucking dunces. They tried to make me think that the death tax sold foreign children to hungry Eskimoes.
Christ, I hate Repubilicans.
But, the hippie yore of yesterday made no sense at the bottom of Ben and Jerry's and Dominos and McDonalds and every other wrapper that covered the fucking place floor to toe.
I wet myself when I saw some folk singers being lead out in shackles for protesting the beef industry as George Bush sends the Constitution into free for all fiery cages that pass through hell and end up in Nazi Germany in the year 3838.
Oh my God. My God. Beautiful nothing. Nothing sacred. Dead children being fed hookah spices for bullshit excuses of being homeless.
Yeah, Dad's out of a job, but we've been making a small living living under the construction of Paul Allen's new parapalegic dick that he's installing on himself come summer08.
Good God Damn! We're out of Spam. Mommy really cares about her genitals and garmets. We went to the Folklife Festival to beg for changes.
Changes coming down on the inbred in monster teeth that sink into your skin as your skin sinks into them.
The homeless have no healthcare. Livers spotted with wanting dollar signs.
Why can't we have a celebration without the cancers that lead us to care?
I had some...eeeehhhhhhhh? Mushrooms. Sandwich. Had have some in greeds in ints. Oh, my my.
So, say, let's skip the fest and get high in the parking lot and listen to Aphex Twin?
No. No good. Let's lead each other by the hand into McDonald's and beat the night manager?
No, better yet, let's run into the water and drown ourselves?
Let's vote Libertarian?
No, let's just keep staying home until the bastards go away?
Move to Japan?
Move to Deleware?
Move to the Moon?
Then it's settled?
The Moon?
No, the fact that Earth sucks. Too many fucking Americans.

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