Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Bada Lounge

Fever spreads like butter all around the world.
Can you feel it?
Please be advised that the night watchman are looking for those of you who feel it's necessary to praise your gods tonight. Oh, sweet ecstasy! My belly warms with the unforgiving hate that we're going to let fall down on the dirt that covers your souls.
Can you feel it?
Heat in your heart?
Saddness in your breast?
Civil war?
Social unrest?
Can you feel it?
Tell your daddy that we've just dispatched your family to where fever floats; the red and black shadows that swarm the Earth like....uuuummmmmm......locusts. I love the party life....oh, my Christ, we are finally getting there.
Can you feel it?
Corruption of the fiber?
Universe up inside itself?
Where do all the lives go?
Want to believe in hell?
Can you feel it?
I feel your evil like radiation all over my soul. I'm so spent with your pent up anxiety and your need to run fish hooks into yourself. I liked you better when you were on my lap. I feel your needs and they expell everything I wish I could have told you about where I am; where I was going. It feels like a lizard just ran his tongue across my wrists like a razor. I can see God now.
Can you feel it?
It runs like water through your head?
Spiders climbing out of your chest?
Pin points of acne turn skin into body?
I want you to feel what this feels like?
Can you feel it?
I spent my life in a locker. I watched the trees fold into me and turn my thoughts into small, shiny arachnids. Anarachnids. When this was funny, I was just thinking about what the words all meant when put together. Now, the total exposure to the fury of this fever has fallen upon my and now the words just come like shapes the size of boxing gloves. I really wish you were here to understand what flesh crawling on the ground feels like.
Can you feel it?
Sinking ship?
Shopping for a new sleeve?
Sweet Jesus, do you live here?
I'd give you, baby Christ, to leave.
Can you feel it?

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