Sunday, October 4, 2009



Well, I guess I'm on a movie binge.

K, JFK is a pretty good movie.

Aside from the talentless hack and Keanu Reeves precursor Kevin Cosner, the cast was great and did a great job.

The only faults of this picture are too many conspiracy theories splintered all over the place. They should have stuck to one idea. But, on the other hand, this may have been used to show the confusion and disarray surrounding this sad time in US history.

Either way, the film is up in the top 200 hundred movies ever made.

Probably around 196, but still, that's saying something.

I'd go through the plot, but I'm sick and I'm sure everyone knows the basic premise.

As for the actual idea that there was some sort of conspiracy, I will say this: if I'm to buy that the any level of government was involved and got away with it, it would tell me the idea that those same people are around and orchestrated 911 is a definite possibility. The military complex and big business may be running the government with the CIA as their personal bodyguards in their need to make sure peace is never found in our time and that war profiteering rules.

But, that may just be paranoid fantasy, and even if I had my mind open to it, there's not a lot I could do.

Unless, of course, I possessed 7th Level Dojo skills and could see through the hearts and minds of everyone, everywhere.

And we know there's a good possibility of that.

As far as the additional features, it's not really worthwhile. Like many special editions, the bonus material only reiterates the original movie and doesn't really take you any further.

So, I definitely recommend this movie. It will make you think about our current situation and remind you that questioning government and media is not insane, just not real healthy or worthwhile.

But, I kid.

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