Saturday, October 17, 2009

Taste So Bad

They're around eight feet tall. Close up, there is still no definition to them, they're just human in form only, the rest is void. They're like black holes personified. Their orbs are now alternating between green and red to the right of each of them.

They could be guarding me.

I'm in a perfectly white room. There's no definition to the room, much like the sentinels but white. I couldn't tell if the room is only a few feet or a few hundred miles.

I cast no shadow.

Surprisingly, I'm wearing the bellbottoms from Earth, and not the purple jumpsuit from Dynacorp.

"Do you talk?" That's the most I can manage and the sound that comes out of me barely forms words.

The Sentinels don't reply. Instead, the orbs glow brighter and turn yellow, then fade to black.

I stare at a landscape made up of two uniform colors now. The orbs don't appear to be spinning, like they did when they had color.

Abruptly, they light up again in red and voices come out of the orbs in unison, as if broadcast through some shitty HAM radio "You have been found."

Something else is coming through with their communication. I can’t tell what it is, but it’s not them. It’s like some TV static lost out in space, that keeps bleating on and on. It’s so self important. I lose myself and feel sorry for the speakers that are dead and gone.

As to the statement by the Guardians, I don't know what to say. "Found?"

Again, the orbs go black and I begin to feel stupid in the dead silence.
They light up red again and "You were lost. We have found you. You are safe."

"Safe from what? Is this Mars?"

The orbs go black and then immediately light up red and the vocals come out in better quality, as if whoever is speaking is closer to the cell tower "You are not on Mars. You have not been captured by Martians. You do not work at Dynacorp.

Make it stop! We are we are we and we can’t fix what we can’t see. We are. When will.

You are now outside of space." With every syllable I can smell ozone and hear lightning crackle.

"How can –" Outside of space? What does that mean? You have everything, then what’s left? Nothing? I’m nowhere? I’ve been nowhere all my life. Are they trying to drive an ironic point home?

"We are guardians sent to fix a problem caused by (static). You are no longer lost.

That's kind of an elitist question, but I’d have to say that nine out of ten times I’m perfectly straight. (Laughs) I even enjoy old Elton John. I like Nine Inch Nails a lot. This one time we were with Trent and we shot this incredible speedball that…It’s so awesome being a star. I mean really. When you think about the babes and stuff. Shit, the blow alone is worth it. I get tired of interviews where I have to be someone different. You know, pretend like I just got over all 12 steps. Fuck that. The real reason any of us are out here is pussy, money, and drugs. Home? A home? No, there’s no reason for a home. Shit, I think a star just exploded.


We have found you."

Are they talking in poems? I never liked poetry unless there was a guitar and drum behind it.

They go black again and I decide this is my turn to speak. "But, what happened? Where am I from? Dynacorp or Earth? Earth, right? I remember Earth. What are you guarding me from?"

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