Saturday, October 17, 2009

It's All Right

"Do you?"

She pulls her head into her shoulders and out again. "Dunno."

"All over a game of Risk."

She laughs. "So, how come you didn't bring anyone?"

"Dunno, I'm sure if I could travel parallel universes, I'd find someone like you, but, for now..."

She laughs again and in a perfect world she wouldn't be going out with Jonathan and I'd be taking her home.

But, fuck it, she's a stoner anyway.

"Hmmm." Jonathan steps out of a bathroom in front of us and looks at me suspiciously.
"What's up, Denim?"

"Nothing. Just talking interdimensional with your girlfriend."

"Fuck you."

Kristen puts her arm around him and drunkenly says "Come on, let's go home." In fact, I didn't realize she was wasted until he came out of the can. I must be pretty high.

"Hey, see you guys around." I walk out the front door and don't hear whatever they say after I leave.

Out front I look around for my car, then realize I don't have a car.

How the fuck did I get here?

Shit, where do I live?

I really don't have a clue. Where the hell do I live? I'm sitting there making fun of Jonathan about being out of his head and now I can't even remember where I live.

I light a cigarette and walk down towards the water. I want to be away from the party, I don't want someone seeing me roaming around aimlessly like a stoned-out kook.

K, let's think. I lived at Ma's, then I moved in with Jim in Renton. I can't live in either place, I don't have a car. Wait.

I check my pockets and find no car keys.

I either got a ride, taxi'd, or walked.

None of this helps me out.

"Ah ha!" I say out loud and get my wallet out.

I don't have a wallet. Or, my wallet is gone. Why am I not dressed up? Wasn't it a Halloween party?

Shit, people are coming.

What the fuck? Those aren't people. What the fuck is that?

Two black shapes are approaching me. There's like these glowing orbs above and to the right of each of them. They look human, but are all black, like as in no features, just black bodies with outlines around limbs and heads.

I can't fucking move. I sit down, hard onto a chair

Part Four: Heaven

And I'm on Mars.

I don't live on Earth anymore. I'm up in space, on Mars.

The Walmarts, invasion, and games of Solitaire come back to me like the ecstasy rush that may or may not have brought me here.

The black apparitions were for real and are standing in front of me. I realize I'm used to them now.

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