Thursday, October 1, 2009

????? Nother old one

Talkin' Loud, Sayin' Nothin'

So, I guess some dogshit author conned the big O.

This ex-junky (renowned liars) had the gall, the sheer nerve to put one over on America's most self-righteous citizen since Eugene McCarthy.

Party foul.

So, Ope had the author on her show and came to tears when describing her outrage and betrayal.

Meanwhile, Tom Cruise is in a cult, a closet, and nuttier than a Snickers in Bellevue and he's greeted with open arms by Ope.

Surprise, surprise.

Oprah's job in life is to preach cookie cutter morals to America and America is to listen up good. Her morals are the same black and white prescriptions that everyone from Pat Robertson to Adolf Hitler have used to persuade the masses that they are good people.

Everyone in Ope's America is Black, White, or Other and her merit system runs in that order. Pretty much the closer you are to everything that Oprah is, the better you are.

And America loves this. Especially White American women. Like most whites, they feel the need to prove that they are not a racist, homophobe, or Nazi. What this comes off as is a group of people who mean well, but have become so knee-jerk liberals that can't order Chinese food without worrying that an ethnic slur is going to slip out of their mouths.

Day after day, Ope and Dr. Phil tell these women how stupid, weak, and white they are. How they should accept responsibility for all their sins and admit that they are WRONG. Not only that, but in admitting that they are WRONG, they must admit that Ope and Philly are RIGHT.

I never trust anyone without doubt. Doubt in others is your key to identifying them as someone with wisdom. Without doubt you can never understand clearly the world around you.

Ope and Philly are without doubt. They have a clear idea (mostly nonsense black and white policies on human behavior derived from years of after school specials) of what is RIGHT and what is WRONG.

Have you seen Ope or Philly take a second to pause and think about BOTH sides of an issue?

But, it's a bit much to lay this all down on these two shits. Ope is just playing out the role that wins: the politician. Everything that Ope says is part of a written code that reflects most Democratic beliefs.

This is why Democrats can't get a good candidate for president. They're running an old game play that doesn't work any longer. They're not thinking for themselves and reflecting any thought into the issues. This is why it pains me to vote Democrat.

Don't get me wrong, I certainly wouldn't go over to the Dark Side. But, it certainly would be nice to see a candidate that thinks for themselves and doesn't keep telling us shit we already know.

Which brings us back to Ope. Is anything she says relevant? How many shows will she have about how great celebrities are, how much we all need to lose weight, and how being homophobic is wrong?

Which brings me to the hypocrisy in the Ope: she stresses the need to accept others as they are, yet has been working her entire life to be something different. Meanwhile, she's telling women that if they aren't skinny super models, then they don't count; that they have somehow failed. Bullshit. Being overweight isn't like shooting junk for Christ's sakes. It's not all that healthy, but I doubt your average 20-some pound overweight chick is on her way to the morgue. It's up there with racism and eugenics. Oprah has done more to make overweight people feel like shit than your typical classroom bully. And, it leads to the fact that weight is Oprah's biggest struggle. Like the self hating Jew, or the homosexual Republican, Oprah hates overweight people, because she's struggled with it.

It's all the same shit. Why doesn't she do a show that challengers her viewers? Like, maybe a show on how deep down everyone hates everyone at times for shallow reasons and that we'll never learn to get along until we admit that we're all only human. That would be grand. She could bring in the Nation of Islam and the Neo Nazis and instead of pointing some self-righteous finger at them, she'd give them a hug and forgive them like some sort of Christ.

"Hey, you dirty racists, I understand: I used to hate Eskimos. That was until I learned that my hatred doesn't make me inherently evil, it makes me human. Once I learned that, I learned to feel better about myself. And then I learned to love…and to love Eskimos."

That would be great. That would make us think.

Or she could do a show about how celebrities are actual humans. Like have Tom Cruise on for an hour taking a dump, picking his nose, and making some Kraft macaroni and cheese.

But, instead, next week she'll have Steve Martin on the show where she'll talk about how wrong it is to commit murder. She'll end the show by declaring herself murder free and how everyone should learn to stop murdering others and take control of their lives. The audience will clap like trained seals and decide that this "don't murder people" thing is a revelation.

Or, she'll be cooking the bestest lasagna recipe from Emril.

Either way, Oprah blows.

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