Sunday, October 18, 2009


Now, I'm just wondering when you're going to go after people who drink and the obese?

I would like to volunteer my services to help you eradicate the other vices in our country that are totally none of my business.

Also, I would like your organization to join with me and ban the use of cars (exhaust is a carcinogen), perfume (same thing), cell phones (same thing), and any other abuse I term an abuse and disagree with.

Shall we send jackboots to march on Hostess factories because of their relation to childhood obesity and diabetes?

Bring back prohibition to dwindle the increasing number of drunks?

What else can we send our police force out to fight while crack heads rob and murder in the night?

You're Nazi degenerates and when they lay the long arm of the law down on you for whatever you get pleasure off, I'll vote for it.

Robert Eckert

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