Thursday, October 8, 2009

Fun with Numbers

Supreme Court Upholds Oregon's Right to Die Law; I'm Moving to Oregon

Well, it looks like that scumball Alito and his tear-whore wife are moving on up.

Alito will easily get the votes he needs to become the next Supreme Court justice.

This man is pond scum.

Nevermind his views on abortion, and nevermind his affiliation with the white-only Princeton Club, and never mind his views on Affirmative Action.

Whereas it's shocking that a man could even become a bailiff with his credentials, my worry lay in his lapdog happiness in giving the Executive branch of our government the right to rewrite the constitution.

This should be the hot button issue.


Well, abortion rights and Affirmative Action may strike the liberal cord harder than most things; they are only two issues we could lose.

But, when Alito and that cocksmoking Ken doll, Roberts, coupled with the houseboy Thomas and the reptilian Scalia get their way, they will write their power, congress' power, and the Senate's power to the Grand Dragon, Fuhrer, and Emperor Bush.

So, now you'll be losing most of your rights as the Constitution sinks into the Potomac with Captain Roberts.

These are the cocksuckers that were less conservative when they decided that Bush won the 2000 election.

Do you enjoy going to Evangelical Church? Well, you'll be living in one within the next ten years.

Do you enjoy invading countries and sending your children, or yourself off into the desert to die? Well, you'll be part of the new working class warriors, which will be grunting it out in Syria, Iran, and North Korea to keep Kenneth Lay's pool clean during the winter.

Do you feel that you owe your boss an arm and a leg? Well, you'll be losing both without any medical insurance whatsoever.

But, hell, who cares, right?

In a recent poll 50% of Americans feel it's no big deal that the President decided to wiretap individuals without warrant, notice, or justification. That means that half of this country seems to think that as long as they have a badge in their hand, anyone can come snoop in their bedroom closet.

Fucking pussies.

The Revolution, the Civil War, World War One and Two mean nothing to half this country.

Support our troops? Yeah, I don't buy it. You won't even step up to bat for the dead ones who died for just wars to make it so you could check out a library book without Hitler or Stalin breathing down your neck. But, now, for the sake of some false security you're going to give up your freedoms.

Hell, half this country voted for Bush in the last election on the premise that he would keep our values and country safe.

Too bad it was under his watch that we were attacked. Too bad under his watch millions were ripped off by rat bastard corporate execs. Too bad under his watch congressman were taking bribes right and left from some scum ball lobbyist who dresses like Al Capone. Too bad under his watch alcoholism and gambling addiction have shot through the roof. Too bad under his watch we're now killing women and children right and left over some bad blood between himself and the man who tried to kill his father. Too bad under his watch Israel and Saudi Arabia run our foreign policy.

The list goes on.

The only coherent thing Hillary Clinton said the other day was that this is "one of the worst administrations in US history."

She was wrong though, this is THE worst administration.

But, it shouldn't come as a surprise that we vote this way. Our culture is garbage. If we're not listening to rap songs about killing your way to the top, or watching reality shows about lying, cheating, and stealing our way to the top, and spending our lives working to make someone else rich we're busy writing hypocritical rants on our own fellow Americans.

Oh well. Maybe aliens will save us.

The worse this country gets, the more people believe in aliens or Gods or Rocky.

Look at the size of these super churches lately with hatemongers like Pat Robertson giving moral prescriptions out to the sheep.

Which reminds me: FUCK ABC AND DISNEY. They are banned for letting that demon, that Antichrist speak to our young and impressionable on the so called "Family Channel."

If you look closely in his eyes you can see hell burning in his brain.

"Well, we believe that Saddam had something to do with 911, we might as well believe in talking snakes and self righteous martyrs who decided God was their old man."

"Honey, we haven't prescribed hell fire out to enough people who don't believe in what we believe and don't fear what we fear – let's give that Robertson a check."

Oh well.

Half of the country supported the right to own humans as slaves once and somehow we got out of that.

It took 140 years to get anywhere close to healing those wounds; so maybe in another 140 we'll be able to check a book out without some clandestine cabal of NSA agents entering our name in the database for Orwell.

I'd move to Canada, but I'm sure we'll be attacking them sooner or later.

I got conned into going to a Monster Truck show the other day and sat watching hulks of cars on inner tubes sledding around a track. The only break in the utter boredom was when one of them happened to crash. It was then that I totally understood how far this country has sunk.


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