Tuesday, October 13, 2009


Running a train up into this flower bulb. They were falling from the sky last night. So beautiful in the night's sky; just falling bulbs that you catch with one outretched hand. Standing in the thick black road in front of the mailboxes. Armored nightplanes hanging on wood. Stumpy jack of red hanging on the side as a messenger to the mailman who hides bodies in his back lawn. Green as the bottom of a flower, green with innocense sapped only by the great Redwoods that violate it in the night. As black as the bottom of Satan's heart, pimpled with light as long as this galaxy. Spiral round the neighborhood of Alpha Centari and Galaga and Mrs. Pacman. Consule up right and standing true. In defense of the universe, you have this to take account for: sawdust floors, lots of yellow, and women on rollerskates.
It's Saturday!
Let's rollerskate! Jockeys run wheeled shoes around frig...er...frozen hormones. Plenty of dope, and nine out of ten will be alcoholics by the end of their twenties. Those were the days. Sell a pack or two to some...so high up in the air. Heir? Hare? Hair. Air. The RIA is coming to electricute me for downloading the National Anthem.
Oh say can you see!
Of the dawn's bright dead lights?
That Shroud of Turin that we tacked to our lives!
Oh, land and liberty
Peace and chastity
We'll kill for another knife
For the backs that we rode on
And the atoms we cracked on
So free and surreal
So full of mass appeal
You're sure to ixnay on the uclear-uh-nay
Hoe down!
Can you shake with me?
Can you feel me?
Uh, uh, uh, uh
When you insert the zippermatic into your ear, you'll know just why we're zipperiffic!
Uh, uh, uh, uh
And expressed deep regret over the tragedy, but promises more
Obese woman! What can you do to make sure that you don't become one
National test score explain a different story
Nine out of ten believe that
God is the Devil, the Devil is God
Nine men shot and gutted inside
Works just like the politics in this country
Aim, fire, and hope to God someone other than yourself
Will get one when they come on down Saturday for free beef month
I really believe that there is one true ketchup and that this might be the one. I was searching my whole life for just the one ketchup that would make my life complete. Sure, some have hobbies, sports, women and drugs and stuff like that. But, I took it upon myself to taste the varying degrees of a bottle of ketchup and figure out which one makes me feel the sweet tang of tomato



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