Sunday, October 4, 2009

He's gone straight

You Stay Here; I'll Get the Others

Oh, my god…oh, my god…this is horrible. Jesus, what the hell are we going to do?

You stay here; I'll get the others.

What? Are you sure? I mean, those…those things are still out there.

Trust me; I can handle it.

But, are you armed?

No, but I'm confident that I can find my way.

Well, let me go with you.

No, someone has to guard it.

Right, um, why don't I go get the others?

Because, don't you remember? When we assigned to this mission, the general told me that if something like this ever happened, I would go get the others. Don't you remember? And you were the guy who would have to stay behind with it.

What? When the hell did we have that meeting?

You were in the latrine.

Wait – I'm a sitting duck here. I mean, I don't have a weapon, those things keep attacking us every 30 minutes…I think I'm getting screwed here.

No, no, no. Trust me. You're not getting screwed. It's far more dangerous out there in my jet pack.

What? You have a jet pack?


Then you can just fly over all this shit and never worry.

No, there's…there's ones that can fly.

They weigh 40 tons! There's none that can fly.

Trust me. They can fly.

No. Fuck no. This is stupid. I want to go get the others. You stay here.

Um, negative. I have the gun.

Am I to take it you're threatening a brother officer with a firearm?

Well…um…yes. I'm following orders.

What orders?

The orders to go get the others.

Wait…hold on…are there any others?


There's no others, huh? You're full of shit.

No, there's plenty of others. They're…they're that way.

This is such bullshit.

Well, off I go to get the others.

And what are you gonna do when you get them?

Come back for you and that.

This? What's in here anyway.

Nothing! It's important that you don't look in that…

There's nothing in here. It's just an empty cigar box. In fact! It's your cigar box. What the hell?

Well, it's important that that box be safe…for it's….uh…um…that's the box of magic secrets. You'd better close it before we lose all the precious magic.

This blows. I'm walking.

No, no…Um…I'm sort of suppose to get…um…

Get rid of me?

There you are! That's it. Now, be a good lad and wait here while I get the others.

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