Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Arsenio Hall Thinking Test

Arsenio Hall Thinking Test

1. If Arsenio is on Star Search on channel 5 and he is on The Arsenio Hall Show on channel 543, what time is it in Denver?

2. If an armada of aliens descends upon the Earth, and Arsenio is having a bagel with grape jelly, how many toothpicks do you have left?

3. Arsenio is shot out of a cannon at 345 mph, and you just dripped mustard on your t-shirt; what direction is the sun in relation to the nearest Arby's?

4. How old would Raymond Burr be if Arsenio is 12?

5. You're on a beach, and you're wearing your walkman, and Arsenio asks you for the time; what color is the robe you're wearing?

6. You're with a lover, and you're out of condoms; what do you do? Oh, plus Arsenio is baking a potato.

7. A train traveling at 45 mph is leaving Denver at 5:00, Arsenio is leaving Portland, Oregon at 6:00; how fast can a cheetah run in this hypothetical world?

8. A woman is murdered in a conference room in your office, the doors are all locked from the inside and she is the only person in the room; do you call Arsenio or the police?

9. Finish the series: 2, 4, 6, 8, Arsenio, 12.....

10. Arsenio is pumping his fist at the speed of light, his "dog pound" is pumping their fists at just under the speed of light; how long will it take for the dog pound to realize Arsenio's fist is now in the year 7421?

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