Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Wino World

I can't Believe I'm Writing This:

Go see Batman.

No joke. Here's the backstory...

I haven't seen a really good movie since Memento. With that said (it's been three years), I had come to the ugly knowledge that I may have grown out of any entertainment resulting from a movie.

Then Batman comes along.

It'd been getting great reviews and everyone was saying how great it was. So, I thought to myself "At least it will be mediocre."


This was an all-around awesome movie. Also, it wasn't all bullshit – it's the true Batman tale and this is coming from a recovering comic book nerd.

There weren't even any of that crap comic book bullshit you see in every other comic movie. The closest it came to that sort of dipshitery was the line "I'm Batman" does pop up and Batman talks like Clint Eastwood on roids.

But, aside from that, it was fucking awesome.

Do yourself a favor and squirt Tom Cruise in the face with a water pistol. After doing that, go see Batman Begins.

A truly great movie.

That's it for now. Go home and die.

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