Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Tell That Guy Next To You


Oh, my brothers, here is a gem. Are you ready for some more hot office action?
Take for instance HOTCHIXX BABE number 3.
Can you say triple HOTCHIXXX ACTION?
I knew you could. She's an office worker, just dripping wet with HOT, EROTIC answers to my HOT, PROBING QUESTIONS.

Money shot interview:

Matt: What do you do for a living?
HOTCHIXX BABE: i am one of those flameeater chicks in the cirque de soleil

Really? Fascinating. Are there any venomous snakes involved?
HOTCHIXX BABE: no, but the ringmaster is an asp

Tragic. OK, let's get personal here: what kind of soap do you use?
HOTCHIXX BABE:lime-a-way, spring fresh scent

Amazing. So, how do you feel about seckshul relations with garden hoses?
HOTCHIXX BABE: am i getting the male, or the female end?

Yeah, me too. Have you ever skinned a porpoise?
HOTCHIXX BABE: no, but i got a dolphin swatch once from ikea. i was thinking about re-upholstering my skaarg sofa and loveseat combo

Yikes! Tell us about a touching memory that has nothing to do with you personally.
HOTCHIXX BABE: once upon a time gas was .99 a gallon

What is your favorite word that rhymes with tuck?
HOTCHIXX BABE: pluckabucketamuck

Have you ever you know with a horse?
HOTCHIXX BABE: i was young. i needed the money! he was hung like a human.

Striking. If you were to name a planet, what would you do later, after naming that planet?
HOTCHIXX BABE: i don't believe in planets. it's all a myth perpetuated by the pope and his minions. but i like the name "gordo". naming something gordo would make me want to go eat kettle corn.

How do you feel about Ranch dressing?
HOTCHIXX BABE: i prefer "farm chic"

Have you ever used a controlled substance? If so, which one, and how did it make you feel about Gary Coleman?
HOTCHIXX BABE:i have licked the sticky side of duct tape. coincidentally, it was with Gary Coleman. Gary "Sugar Daddy" Coleman who sat two rows up from me in 8th grade. he was an albino with a white mullet. he was dreamy. at the end of the roll, i hallucinated about small, hairless dogs.

My thoughts exactly. Two part question: how are you feeling today?
HOTCHIXX BABE: like john kerry has the ugliest unibrow in the history of the democratic party.

Have you ever been caught, you know, with yourself?
HOTCHIXX BABE: yes. in a hotel once i looked up to find a mirror on the ceiling. i chastised myself duly and promised to go straight to confession as soon as i finished.

Me too. OK, last question: what are your turn ons and rate them in order of turn onning.
HOTCHIXX BABE: dual axle pickups, large gap between the left front tooth and left front fangy tooth, Caramello, the way wile e. coyote says "pis-taH-chio" when he's describing the different flavored parts of a roadrunner.

Whoa! I'm going to go clean up, but tune in next week for more HOTCHIXXX action!

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