Wednesday, December 9, 2009

You Are My Noir Lover


Hey, brothers, are you ready for more HOTCHIXXX action?
Alright, calm down.
We have another....OK.....HOTCHIXXX babe!

She works with me, here in the office. Are you ready for a HOTCHIXXX babe....who works in an office? Can you imagine the office lust that goes on with this HOTCHIXXX babe?
Take a gander:

Matt: Hello, office babe, what do you do at the office?
HOTCHIXXX BABE: My job is to make to half wits look competent.

Matt: Really, fascinating. What can you tell us about your LOVE life?
HOTCHIXX BABE: My love life is fairly mundane. It’s my sex life that you’d find more interesting.

Matt: That is so erotic. Next question: have you ever had a taco?
HOTCHIXX BABE: Many times…. Finger lickin’ good.

Matt: Whoa, I'm getting hot. OK, tell me about the first time you saw E.T. Were you turned on by the large finger the E.T. had?
HOTCHIXX BABE: Not really. Not much girth ya’ know. Although… it was kinda hot the way it lights up at the end.

Matt: That's extremely juicy. Speaking of juice, what's your favorite flavor of juice?
HOTCHIXX BABE: Stoli Cranberry with a splash of lemon.

Matt: Oh, my lord! God, you're hot. Have you ever had sex with a porpoise?
HOTCHIXX BABE: No, but I’ve ridden a killer whale.

Matt: Hmmmmm....who would you rather sleep with: Me or Lionel Ritchie?
HOTCHIXX BABE: Tough question. Didn’t he get his ass kicked by a woman?

Matt: What if Lionel Ritchie contracted syphilis, how would you answer then?
HOTCHIXX BABE: Definitely you.

Matt: What if Lionel Richie turned out to be Richie Rich in black face, how would you answer then?
HOTCHIXX BABE: Sorry Matt, Diamonds are a girl’s first love.

Matt: That's amazing. Will you be willing to show me your chest?
HOTCHIXX BABE: Anything for you.

Matt: Hot damn. OK, final question: Grape Nuts or Malto Meal?
HOTCHIXX BABE: I’d have to go for the Nuts.

That's been our time, join us next post for more HOTCHIXXX action!

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