Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Standard Practice

Standard Prac
Boy, what a day. I have done so much with so little time. Like how I did those edits and how I defecated – all before 4.
Uh oh, the guy who sits behind me had an edit question, so I had to look at his computer screen and have him relate his problems to me. But, it's all fine now and he didn't over explain himself, or have an erroneous issue, so I'm fine.
Another woman I work with just purchased insurance for her mobile home. She seems pretty excited about this and she's having a conversation with another lady about it.
I don't think I'd want a mobile home. I traveled in one once and it was claustrophobic. We went to Yellowstone and all sorts of places on a journey to Chicago. It was OK, but it got boring being cooped up in the mobile home. One part was scary, when my ex was trying to take down the outdoor cover with this long metal pole in the middle of this storm with a tornado on the way near Devil's Tower. This angered me, cuz I thought she would get hit by lightning and we got in a fight and didn't talk to each other till the next day when we decided to break up.
Man, there's a gem. A personal glance into my life where I revealed a touching moment of sadness. This is the best Real Blog ever!
Someone just sent me an email to reschedule a meeting. I think I will wait till I'm done writing to open it. I don't feel like opening it when I'm on a WINNING STREAK with this REAL BLOG.
Uh-oh, there is a email in my Purchasing mailbox, that means I need to set up another project, but I will wait until later.
Shannon and I are going to see Kill Bill V.2 on Wednesday and I have marked this on my calendar.
I can't decide what to do tonight, but I think it will involve me eating hash browns at some point in time.
I just spelled hash browns wrong, but I corrected it. It's not one word, like I would have imagined.
People in my cube sing and make funny voices all the time and it annoys me. Someone just made a funny sound and it bothered me because they are not funny.
Someone else is talking about dead people, but I can't hear enough to know how this relates to anything else.
I saw Josh outside when I went for a cigarette, he was going to Barnes and Nobel, but I didn't want to go. So, I went inside and back up to the third floor.
There weren't always offices on the third floor. It used to be empty space where they would store things and have "sample sales."
Sample sales are when our company sells all the vendor's samples to the employees for marked-off rates. But, they discontinued these for some reason. I rarely would go, but one time I went and I bought a leather Captain's chair and an ottoman which were very nice. But, then I was broke for awhile and had to sell them to my sister for only 50 dollars. She broke the ottoman the other day.
I now have three requests in my Purchasing mailbox, that's 15 minutes of work – oh, brother!
So, no one has told me how much they like or dislike my new REAL BLOG. I'm really disappointed, I know that I have many loyal fans who enjoy my fiction and would love to sneak a peak at my REAL LIFE.
If you love sneaking a peak at my REAL LIFE, you should email me or respond on my CHAT BOX.
OK, I'm going to read for awhile.

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