Wednesday, December 9, 2009

I Hate All Of You



We're having a very special live moment here, in the midst of publishing the old entries from the previous site.

I thank every last two of you for the encouraging comments.

Let's get up to snuff:

I am still a technical writer for a large retailer. Although, there's a freaky story I must relate.

Freaky Story

A nameless woman and I were having a joking back and forth in regards to having sexual intercourse. This involved a twister, nylons, and lipstick. It was all in a spirit of gravity as the woman has an insane boyfriend who works for security. Well, somehow, a few Fridays ago, he receives (according to the woman) the printed version of our email string on his desk.

How did it get there? Well, unless someone is monitoring my emails, I have no idea.

So, I may be in trouble. Who knows?

I am also still living in Seattle where my mail is repeatedly broken into. They've now locked the apartments up like Fort Knox. Crime seems to follow me, as in my last complex, I was robbed right before I moved. Maybe I'm doing it? I could be some Jeckyl/Hyde type guy and not even know it.

I'm still single. Although, I went through a week with a woman who broke it off on a text message. Don't worry; I found it funny. See, we had this one night stand and it was nice and drunken. Well, she asks me at some point whether it's just a "tonight type of thing." Well, I thought "Why not call her again, I don't have many friends and I love making more." So, I called her a couple of times and went out with her twice. We kept the sex up, but by the second date I knew I would have to explain my intentions, and I had none other than the hanging out. Well, everything came up Eckert when she broke it off with me over a text message to the effect that she didn’t see our thing going anywhere. Kinda funny.

I still think my ex-girlfriend from Canada is a total fucking bitch. Look, I wouldn't put this in here, but I just had an exchange with her after six months and she's still a fucking twat. She works with me, via Canada, and has decided to drop me from the distro list for setting up new projects. So, I email her with a WTF? And she tells me in a very bitchy way that she doesn't like working with me. Look, I don't expect us to be fucking buddies, but a simple "How are you?" would be nice. But, whatever, she has to live in Ottawa and I don't.

Moving right along.

I still have the Acura, but it was hit and ranned? This was a problem in reporting it. What was the correct verbage? Hit and runned? Ranned? It was hit and ran? Man, it stunk trying to figure that out. I think I ended up just saying "I got hit and the driver ran." Well, sufficed to say, I'm 2040 $ richer now. That's right, I elected to not have the dent repaired. This decision was made on the belief that I would get my timing belt fixed with the money. Not to be. I've blown most of it on gifts and clothes. I get a tune up tomorrow and I'll have the battery repaired or replaced or whatever, but the timing belt will have to wait for next paycheck. The dent will wait until I (crossing fingers) get a tax refund.

Well, that's about it as far as lately goes. Last night an extremely gorgeous woman moved in next, there's that.

As far as the site goes, I will continue to post old stuff from the blogger site until it runs dry and then we'll be back up to more mischief.



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