Saturday, March 20, 2010

Back in the Bush Years

No matter what you think about our President, I would encourage you to read this letter and think about what it means to be a true compassionate man.

This was sent to me by my Aunt Nancy yesterday.

Hi all,
It's with great esteem that I write you today and relate a story that I witnessed last Monday.
I work in a home for disabled persons as a nurse and I witnessed what I can only describe as the most thoughtful and endearing acts of kindness from any man at any time that I know of.
It was around two and I was in the B wing helping a paraplegic by the name of Mikey Jones. Mikey had been with us for a month and a half and he was loosing an uphill battle to accept his new handicap after a car accident in January.
Mikey was in low spirits that day and I was trying to cheer him up by reading to him from the daily comics, for Mikey had also lost his sight in the accident.
As I was reading to him I heard a commotion outside his room and wondered if it was the "special visitor" we were supposed to have to the home that day.
Well, Mikey asked what was going on and when I started to reply that I didn't know, a group of men with dark glasses escorted a kindly man into the room.
Well, it took me a few double takes to realize that that man was our President, George W. Bush.
To my amazement the president asked to have a couple moments alone with myself and the boy.
The entire group of Secret Service agents left the room and I was alone with the President and Mikey.
Well, the President asked Mikey how he lost his legs and asked the boy to pray with him.
Mr. Bush lowered himself and bowed, as did I. Mikey also lowered his head.
The President then asked Mikey if he needed help bowing and proceeded to hoist Mikey from his wheelchair and bend his nubs so that he could bow like "a real man, son."
Well, Mikey, in his condition, couldn't bow and kept falling on his face.
The President became enraged and finally gave up and put Mikey back in his wheelchair and proceeded to pray.
He prayed for Mikey to not be so godless and for him to use the nubs the good lord gave him so that he could pray right.
As the President left to visit the "goddam tard section" I had to weep at the compassion that this man showed and how maybe if we all pray for people that have nubs like Mikey and that they bow right and not fall on their faces this nation would be a better place.

Send this email to eight people and help promote the compassion that made our country and our President strong.

God Bless,
Mr. Sickofinspirationalemailsandothersuchnonsense

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