Saturday, March 20, 2010


in the groin. She grabs onto the foot that is now in her and begins orgasming as she rides it with tears in her eyes.

He turns to the hostess and says "Actually, let's make that two."

The hostess falls into his eyes and grabs two menus in hypnotic servitude.

I keep dreaming about diners.

There's this man who greets me and buys me dinner and asks how I'm doing.

"Fat ass, what is it I can do for you?"

The woman stares at Thorpe and begins twitching.

"Fat ass!"

"I, I need help."

"With...?" Thorpe's smile broadens and he thinks about how this woman would fare in the jungle that he has lying in wait.

"I want to be skinny."




"So, I won't be so lonely."

"It won't change a thing, you fat cunt."

The woman weeps and Thorpe runs his boot into her again as she squeaks and moans.

"The silly thing is, you could be satisfying yourself, cunt."

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