Saturday, March 20, 2010


Levi Presents.....the Thoughts of Scott McCarron – City Football League Hero

Man, what could I do to get the spirit up on the football team? Usually I turn to the good Boz for inspiration, but I've lost his book...
You know, I could use a steak right about now., steak is a good food. I mean, it's no Ranch and Ruffles, but damn.... steak....
I should make up a new name for the Not Art King Team, I think Art doesn't think it's funny...I know, how about the Steak team.... man, steak is good....
HABA.... what rhymes with HABA? Baba? That's not a word though...Lava...well, that's slant, HABA is a funny word, maybe I'll name my miniature golf team HABA. I like the sound of that. Man, HABA is a just all-around good name. Steak and HABA? Yeah, that's a good name too.
God, is it gay that I fantasize about fantasy football? I mean, sometimes, I just lay in bed and think of stats and stuff, and, man, that's not wrong or anything is it?
I think that when Troy does that bowling hair-flip thing, I'm going to do something equally ummm...I know, I'll scream HABA! Man, HABA is awesome.
What should I get at Red Robin tonight? Maybe that BBQ Whiskey Burger, that sounds like a sound choice...I wish they had steak...but, you know, life's like that...
Oh, great a vendor...yeah, this guy seems cool.... maybe I'll invite him to play on my miniature golf team...oh, wait, no he lives in San Diego...but, maybe he'd be like a pinch putter.... should I ask him? No, no, Scott, come on, this is reality and people who live in San Diego don't want to play put-put in Redmond, Washington. Man, Scott, sometimes...
What if one day I just show up to work and be, like, a ruthless boss and order people around and stuff, then say "just joking" at the end of the day, that would be funny.... dude, whatever happened to the Smashing Pumpkins, they rawk!
Crap, I got applesauce on my shirt.... how did that happen? I haven't had applesauce since that one time in fifth grade when I got the turkey lunch for that was a good lunch, but that applesauce just didn't sit well with me.
Whatever happened to Bobby "the Brain" Heenan? I bet he's doing well; he's probably like a boxing promoter or something...I bet I'd be good at that.... Hey, everyone, Lenox Lewis and Mike Tyson – Awesome fight!

Yeah, but, this is the real world and I think I'll just stick to buying shampoo for the health and beauty department.
Dude, they should make a shampoo that cleans the interior of your car. Like, then you could wash your hair on your way to work and it'd be like "hey, no biggie, it's cleaning my car too." I should talk to Spencer about that. I think I'll call Spencer.
Well, Spence didn't really get all over that, but oh well.
Dude, isn't it cool that I'm comfortable enough with my sexuality that I have a gay friend.... I should go meet more gay people and strengthen my sexuality...that would be dope....
Dude, this game of Tetris rocks.... crap, another vendor...oh well.... DAMN! SWEET! I got that one block in between that other one! I RULE!
Man, I wish I were Matt Eckert.

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