Saturday, March 20, 2010


Jerry Falwell has Syphilis

In a brief interlude, I will join you again LIVE.

For the past week and a half I've been throwing pages from journals, randomly and in no order, at you in the attempt to play "see if the shit sticks to the wall." It's been fun and I've realized the awesome depths of bad writing alcoholism, boredom, and loneliness can breed.

But, never mind that – God has spoken.

25 minutes ago, the world at large received news from up on high that Jerry Falwell has syphilis.

God does not distribute syphilis haphazardly – look at Al Capone, Carl Rove, and Bette Midler.

No, God saves syphilis (a disease that spreads from your genitals to your brain like a Britney Spears album) for the diseased at heart.

Falwell is the devil incarnate and God knows this. If there was one true Anti Christ, this is that man. Even Hitler and Nixon look at this guy from hell and can't believe the pure bullshit and hypocrisy that comes from his mouth.

But, Hitler and Nixon ran governments, albeit into the ground, and didn't play with the Lord's words.

Falwell, on the other hand, turned a book that was supposed to civilize mankind into a barbed hand grenade and threw it at anyone who got in his way.

God doesn't take kindly to those that use him like a cheap hooker, and it's with that in mind that the Rev. has been taken down with what can only be described as the God's nuclear option.

When you run hatred and bullshit out of your mouth for 71 years, you figure at some time you're going to receive a dose of something that slowly eats your brain away until you're reduced to a Ronald Reagan stupor.

And let's face it, anyone who hates sex and free speech as much as Falwell probably uses his dick on dead children.

Everyone knows that those most against sexual liberation are those that don't want the liberated seeing them in some Louisiana brothel with three cocks in their mouth as some large aboriginal Alaskan is pounding them in the ass while wearing chain mail.

The slow death of this man will not bring about salvation.

This man is doomed.

The syphilis that is eating his frontal lobe will probably greet Falwell in hell and devour his brain daily like a modern day story of Prometheus.

Now, if I were Falwell, after obliterating this man in public, I would then pray for his soul in some sort of hypocrisy that causes brain damage to all those who read it and even the computers that process it.

But, I'm not like Falwell, I tell it as I see it and I make no apologies for beating a syphilitic horse.

Today is a good day to be a Christian.



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